Hugh Jackman Had A Greatest Showman Reunion With Rebecca Ferguson For Reminiscence, With One Major Change

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This weekend will see Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson co-star together in the new film Reminiscence. The movie is heavy drama with strong science fiction elements, making it a far cry from the last time the two starred together, the pop musical The Greatest Showman. And while not a musical, the new film does includes singing. Although this time Rebecca Ferguson is the one that gets to do all of it rather than Hugh Jackman, which is just fine with the actor. Check out his response when talking to CinemaBlend about the change in roles in the video above.

The Greatest Showman saw Hugh Jackman play P.T. Barnum and Rebecca Ferguson appeared as Jenny Lind, an opera singer who Barnum promotes. What made Rebecca Ferguson's performance in The Greatest Showman unique is that she doesn't actually do her own singing in the film. The character of Jenny Lind only has one song in the film, which is performed twice when Lind is on stage, but singer Loren Allred provided the vocals for the song.

It's unclear exactly why Rebecca Ferguson didn't do her own singing in that movie. She studied music previously and is likely capable. It's possible that because Jenny Lind was an opera singer, that Ferguson's ability simply didn't lend itself to the sort of singing the Lind performance needed to be. Not every great singer can sing everything equally well. Not a problem in Reminiscence apparently, as Ferguson does get to sing here.

Hugh Jackman told CinemaBlend's Mike Reyes that he was more than happy to let Rebecca Ferguson do the singing this time around, as she really is an impressive talent. He calls her singing "seductive," which based on what we've seen of the movie in the trailers, is exactly what the movie was going for. While Ferguson's character in The Greatest Showman does attempt to start a relationship with Jackman's Barnum, the vocal performance is certainly not seductive.

From hearing Hugh Jackman talk, he clearly enjoys working with Rebecca Ferguson, so perhaps this second film won't be the last time we see them together. If nothing else there's talk of doing a Greatest Showman 2, which isn't surprising considering how successful the first film was. Maybe the two could reunite there. It wouldn't exactly be historically accurate but the first Greatest Showman didn't exactly let historical accuracy stand in the way of telling a story.

For fans who want to see Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson together again, and who want to hear Ferguson actually get to sing this time, Reminiscence is in theaters today, and is also available on HBO Max.

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