Beyoncé Reveals Why She Sets ‘Boundaries’ Between Social Media And Her Personal Life

Beyonce sits on the ground while wearing a glittery bodysuit and sequined sunglasses in a scene from 'Black Is King'

There are few people on this Earth more famous than Beyoncé, and with good reason. The legendary artist is so talented, she commands our attention whenever she releases anything, whether it’s new music, a new film, or any other kind of surprise. Her global notoriety and impact are even more impressive because she has drawn clear boundaries between the most personal aspects of her life and the way she interacts with fans and the media. Now, she’s revealed exactly why she's chosen to keep her social life off social media.

It’s not that Beyoncé’s personal life is a secret. You don’t have to look very hard to learn who she’s married to, who’s in her family, and even the details of some of the most heartbreaking moments of her life. That doesn’t mean the singer/actress/filmmaker/mogul doesn’t see the value in keeping big parts of her day-to-day life to herself, though. In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, Beyonce spoke candidly about why she isn’t one to overshare on social media:

We live in a world with few boundaries and a lot of access. There are so many internet therapists, comment critics, and experts with no expertise. Our reality can be warped because it’s based on a personalized algorithm. It shows us whatever truths we are searching for, and that’s dangerous. We can create our own false reality when we’re not fed a balance of what’s truly going on in the world. It’s easy to forget that there’s still so much to discover outside of our phones. I’m grateful I have the ability to choose what I want to share. One day I decided I wanted to be like Sade and Prince. I wanted the focus to be on my music, because if my art isn’t strong enough or meaningful enough to keep people interested and inspired, then I’m in the wrong business. My music, my films, my art, my message—that should be enough.

There’s something really inspiring about Beyoncé’s decision to let her creative output speak for itself. By taking a step back from social media and living her life outside the public eye, she’s actively choosing not to participate in one of the most prevalent parts of celebrity culture. But she is confident she’s made the right choice:

Throughout my career, I’ve been intentional about setting boundaries between my stage persona and my personal life. My family and friends often forget the side of me that is the beast in stilettos until they are watching me perform. It can be easy to lose yourself very quickly in this industry. It takes your spirit and light, then spits you out. I’ve seen it countless times, not only with celebrities but also producers, directors, executives, etc. It’s not for everyone. Before I started, I decided that I’d only pursue this career if my self-worth was dependent on more than celebrity success. I’ve surrounded myself with honest people who I admire, who have their own lives and dreams and are not dependent on me. People I can grow and learn from and vice versa. In this business, so much of your life does not belong to you unless you fight for it. I’ve fought to protect my sanity and my privacy because the quality of my life depended on it. A lot of who I am is reserved for the people I love and trust. Those who don’t know me and have never met me might interpret that as being closed off. Trust, the reason those folks don’t see certain things about me is because my Virgo ass does not want them to see it....It’s not because it doesn’t exist!

Beyoncé has more than made sure that fans still get plenty of what they love about her. With her Homecoming documentary or her myriad of visual films like Disney+’s Black Is King, we get glimpses of her family. More importantly, we get to see her artistic and creative side and the passion for music that has made her one of the most beloved stars in the world.

Katherine Webb