Chris Hemsworth Has Hilarious Exchange With Ryan Reynolds After Missing Out On Free Guy Cameo

Spoilers ahead for Free Guy.

Ryan Reynolds proved he has a lengthy list of friends in Hollywood with the number of cameos in Free Guy. He managed to get Marvel and DC universes, including “frenemy’ Hugh Jackman, to collide along with other Hollywood A-listers. While there was a cameo at every turn, Reynolds could get everyone he wanted to pop up in the film. But there was one cameo that didn’t work out for some unknown reason. A hilarious exchange between Chris Hemsworth and Reynolds exposed what might’ve happened.

The funny moment took place after the Free Guy star posted a series of behind-the-scenes moments from the set on Instagram. Ryan Reynolds’ post was filled with snapshots featuring Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans and many more. Upon seeing the celebrity-filled post, Chris Hemsworth couldn’t help but post a reply. In true Reynolds fashion, the Deadpool star decided not to blame Hemsworth’s representation but one of his fellow MCU stars. To see how Reynolds threw another actor under the bus, check out the two Hollywood stars’ full exchange below:

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Leave it to Ryan Reynolds to just throw Chris Evans under the bus without a care in the world. It makes you wonder how Evans felt about becoming the scapegoat. At least, Reynolds got a nice MCU cameo from Evans out of the deal. It could also be a preference over who’s the better Chris. It gives you something to think about. Chris Hemsworth was able to brush off the moment with some humor. Hemsworth shouldn’t be too bummed given Evans’ cameo was only a few seconds. So maybe the Thor star didn’t miss a prime opportunity after all. But not all Free Guy cameos were treated the same, according to those involved.

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The cameo-filled comedy may have left out Chris Hemsworth, but some may have eclipsed him if he had popped up. If Chris Evans’ cameo was last minute, then, Jeopardy's Alex Trebek fell into the same category. Director Shawn Levy revealed production only had a short period to film the late game show host. Many of Free Guy’s cameos were kept under wraps and came a little easier than the previous two. Channing Tatum’s cameo was a prime example of this strategy. So, adding a Hemsworth cameo to the film could’ve gone either way.

Overall, Chris Hemsworth might have another shot at being in Free Guy as talks of a sequel are currently floating around. Knowing Ryan Reynolds, he’ll figure out some way to make sure Hemsworth is “camera ready.” Audiences could get the actor as himself or maybe a nice Thor cameo. Maybe if the Free Guy sequel doesn’t work out, the two can team up for another project. Until moviegoers get a final announcement, the action comedy is currently ruling the box office as theatrical-only released.

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