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Mariah Carey Hilariously Responds To Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy TikTok

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds new movie Free Guy has been embraced by fans and critics alike, but it's possible that nobody loves the movie quite as much as Mariah Carey. Her song "Fantasy" plays a significant role in the film and the pop star has said that she's seen the movie multiple times, whether it's just to hear her song or because she really loves the movie is unclear. What is clear is that she's getting so much of a kick out of the song's resurgence that she's doing social media duets with Ryan Reynolds now, sort of.

The star of Free Guy recently posted a short video to TikTok that had him lip syncing along with the Mariah Carey hit. And now Carey herself has joined in, making her own video and lip syncing along with Ryan Reynolds. I'm not saying the two of them should go on tour together or anything, but this is great.


Mariah Carey's "Fantasy" is basically the "love theme" for Free Guy. It plays several times throughout the film and represents Guy's thoughts when it comes to Molotov Girl, the game avatar character he falls for, who is played, in more ways than one, by Jodie Comer. The advertising for Free Guy was seemingly everywhere before the film's release, and so the song was as well. If you haven't been able to get the song out of your head recently that's understandable. If watching this video just put the song back in your head, we apologize.

Free Guy has been about as big a hit as you can expect to have under the circumstances. It's been number one at the box office in its first two weekends, bringing in over $60 million domestically and over $115 million globally. While those numbers are certainly small compared to pre-covid, they represent a lot of people who have been willing to go to theaters to see the film, especially since there has been no other option for Free Guy.

And the numbers are apparently good enough for Disney/Fox that talk of a sequel is already underway. What that could be is anybody's guess. Considering that the first movie has its share of fun with the very concept of franchise sequels, there's an irony that Free Guy could get one of its own, but if it can find something interesting to do with the concept, it could be a lot of fun, while also being a feel good movie, just like this first one.

And hopefully if there is a sequel, there will be a place for Mariah Carey in it. Maybe another of her songs will get brought back for a sequel, or perhaps there's an opportunity for a Mariah Carey cameo. Considering the marketing she's been doing for the movie, it's only fair.

Dirk Libbey

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