No Time To Die’s Lashana Lynch Has The Classiest Response For Online Hate

Lashana Lynch as Nomi making a cool entrance in her Jaguar during the final trailer for No Time to Die

Every major franchise, from Star Wars to Ghostbusters, has experienced some form of misogynistic and racial backlash when it comes to casting news. Of course, the James Bond franchise wasn’t immune to this online hate, as Lashana Lynch taking up the mantle of 007 sent online trolls into overtime. Lynch hasn’t replied or paid much attention since the internet hate began. That is, until now, when the Captain Marvel star issued a classy response to the online hate.

Criticism surrounding Lashana Lynch’s casting is nothing new. Given the nature of online culture, Lynch seemed unfazed by the racial slurs thrown at her over the pivotal role in a Bond film. The actress made it clear that unknown people’s opinions don’t affect her. The No Time to Die star told The Los Angeles Times about experiencing the dark side of internet culture with the following:

I don’t have anything to say to the trolls apart from it’s none of my business what you think, you have the freedom to live in your truth just like I have the freedom to live in min.

Lashana Lynch’s words are the definition of being “unbothered.” From her perspective, everyone has their truth, and that shouldn’t affect others’ opinions on her abilities as an actress. So if someone has a problem with her Bond role due to her race, that’s their problem. From the released No Time to Die footage, it appears Lynch has put in the time and effort to be the best 007 she can be. At least she addressed the online trolls without becoming angry or hostile to them, unlike some celebrities.

At this point, Lashana Lynch has bigger worries to deal with regarding No Time to Die. After a year of delays, Daniel Craig’s final Bond film is on the verge of release. The recent trailer showed that Craig, Lynch and other Bond allies are more than ready to take on Rami Malek’s Lyutsifer Safin. The actress becoming a 007 doesn’t mean the search for Craig’s replacement has cooled down, but her place within the long-running franchise was more important to Lynch for distinct reasons.

Thankfully, the internet backlash hasn’t dampened Lashana Lynch’s love and appreciation for her role in No Time to Die. In playing Nomi, Lynch has become perfectly aware of her importance in the Bond franchise. She appreciated joining the lineage of Black female Bond characters by shouting out some notable ones. At the same time, the actress understood how young Black girls might respond to seeing her character on screen. So the online trolls were never going to deter her from seizing her moment.

Lashana Lynch didn’t compromise herself or retreat from the internet due to some online backlash. Now Bond fans can look past this ordeal and look forward to the film. Moviegoers will finally be able to see Nomi in action when No Time to Die arrives in theaters on October 8.

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