The Suicide Squad: Polka-Dot Man’s Makeup Is Wild In James Gunn’s Set Photo

David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad had many unique characters with their own particular character ticks and looks. Polka-Dot Man, played by David Dastmalchian, is one of the most memorable and hilarious characters that populated Gunn's twisted take on Task Force X. The actor has talked about how Polka-Dot man resonated with him and has even been sharing set photos of his cat in Polka-Dot Man cosplay. Now, Gunn has released some set photos featuring Dastmalchian's Polka-Dot Man’s makeup, and they're wild.

When it comes to horror films and some superhero movies, applying makeup can be a serious task, as it can take hours for the process to be completed. This typically means an actor will have to wake up quite early in order to prepare for the day's shoot and, then of course, there's the actually process. James Gunn's behind-the-scenes look at David Dastmalchian’s test makeup on the set of The Suicide Squad is a testament to the hard work the artists do and the actor's commitment to his craft. Here is the look at the insane practical makeup, via the director's Twitter:

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What fans are specifically seeing is the makeup for the character's "polka-dot disease," in which he swells up with dots and has to purge them -- or he'll explode. Gunn says that David Dastmalchian was a fan of all the pioneers of monster makeup like Lon Chaney and all the old Universal movies. The actor previously talked about his life-long love of horror and explained how getting in the makeup for the first time was extremely emotional for him.

To that point, the actor is visibly emotional in the photos, and it's understandable that his director would want to take some photos to mark the occasion. Polka-Dot Man was one of the best parts of The Suicide Squad, and it seems David Dastmalchian was able to dive headfirst into the character and, as a result, he's now become a bit of a movie monster himself.

James Gunn has also shared a behind-the-scenes look at Idris Elba handling filming duties for a scene, which proves there’s nothing Elba can't do. The environment on the set of the DCEU film seems like it was very fun, despite the fact that they had to shoot in wet and cold conditions. And Margot Robbie in particular seems to have persevered through the weather like a savage. It's ironic that such warm and emotional times off camera were happening as a unique and violent (yet strangely touching) movie was being made.

Hopefully, we'll see more of this fan-favorite team in the future, and it seems like the writer/director would like that to be the case. James Gunn can’t stop teasing his ideas for Weasel, -- and who can blame him for putting so much energy into the film’s best character. And of course, there's the John Cena-led Peacemaker spinoff that's headed to HBO Max. Hopefully, Gunn gets a shot at another Suicide Squad movie, which leads to more warm BTS moments like David Dastmalchian's.

The Suicide Squad is currently playing in theaters.

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