Tahj Mowry Invites Football Fans To Try A Plant-Based Tailgate

Tahj Mowry doing PR for MorningStar Farms

Fall is upon us and that means football season! I’ll admit I’m not one to have my eyes glued to the game, but I’ll always show up to the tailgate for the company and the food. Actor Tahj Mowry, star of Freeform’s Baby Daddy and Disney’s Smart Guy, is a huge football fan and foodie, and he’s inviting his fans to try a plant-based tailgate.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle and a great way to boost the health benefits of a good diet is to incorporate plant-based foods. When it comes to tailgating, most of us think of classic appetizers like wings, nachos, and various chips and dips, but Tahj Mowry has a healthy way we can continue enjoying our favorite foods. Here’s what he told CinemaBlend:

I try to eat plant-based as often as I can. I like the energy it gives me. Plant-based protein just makes me feel better. It's a part of my healthy lifestyle. It's better for the environment to eat plant-based. I believe eating plant-based is the future. And [with] MorningStar Farms, the entire lineup is a very deep roster of your favorite tailgating foods: the Buffalo wings, the taquito bites, the nacho bites. But it's just in plant-based form. I think MorningStar Farms is the perfect sort of gateway and you don't have to be completely vegan or vegetarian to enjoy these snacks and these veggietizers. They're delicious all on their own.

As someone who’s been apprehensive about plant-based protein, MorningStar Farms sounds like a win. I’m not into diets that take away all my favorite foods, after all, we only live once, right? Excited about the options, I still worried about the taste. I love to cook, and bold flavor is my thing, so I asked Tahj about the taste of these veggietizers and his answer got me even more on board. Here’s what he said when asked if my friends would notice if I prepared these foods without telling them they’re plant-based:

I don't think they will. I really don't think they will. And I find the best plant-based food like MorningStar Farms, like I said, it's your favorite snacks, but it's plant-based. You really don't even know because it's got that crunch on the outside, it's gooey on the inside. So it's the best of both worlds.

Just like Hannah Montana, eating plant-based with MorningStar Farms is the best of both worlds. To up the excitement, Tahj Mowry is giving fans a chance to win a Free Fan Pack! To enter, comment on either Mowry’s or MorningStar Farms’ Instagram post about the sweepstakes with your own MVP (MorningStar Farms Veggie Play). The Sweepstakes will run from September 9-16. Read the official rules and get all the deets on entering here.

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