As Ryan Reynolds’ Safe House Trends On Netflix, He Reveals The Time He Injured Denzel Washington On Set… Twice

Ryan Reynolds in Safe House

Is it any surprise that Ryan Reynolds has a trending movie? After killing it at the box office with Free Guy, Reynolds now has amovie on Netflix’s Top 10 list with Denzel Washington. Although not a new film, Safe House just skyrocketed in views on Netflix and Reynolds is honoring the new found popularity of the film by sharing the story of how he injured Washington during filming not just once, but twice.

If there is one celebrity that I would be utterly horrified to injure, it would probably be Denzel Washington - and it sounds like Ryan Reynolds agrees. Reynolds took to his Instagram to share a little fun fact about his experience filming Safe House with the Training Day star, and it’s one that Washington probably painfully remembers. You can check out the post below, where Reynolds admits to slamming his head into both of Washington’s eyes:

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Safe House first released back in 2012, which was before Ryan Reynolds really came into his own and started doing the roles he is overwhelmingly known for now like Deadpool. If Reynolds were to bash his head into Denzel Washington’s face now it would still be pretty embarrassing, but back then it was probably mortifying. Now, if it had been Hugh Jackman that would be a completely different story.

If you had any doubts of the overwhelming coolness of Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds pretty much just confirmed it. Getting smacked in both eyes by Reynolds’ pointy head didn’t seem to phase him, at least according to Reynolds. It didn’t appear to affect their chemistry much either, as the photo accompanying Reynolds’ story shows the two cracking up together.

It’s unclear exactly why Safe House has suddenly become a top Netflix film other than being a semi-recent addition to Netflix. The film is from 2012 and wasn’t very popular when it was first released, despite Denzel Washington in one of the leading roles, but it has claimed the number 1 spot on the streaming platform. Fans being able to look back on the film now after Ryan Reynolds has climbed the ranks in Hollywood may have something to do with the new found glory that has reached Safe House.

Whatever the reason for fans having found some new love for Safe House, we’re certainly glad for the excuse of new stories from Ryan Reynolds, even (or, especially) when they’re borderline violent. Reynolds has come a long way since Safe House and he just keeps going, with a number of new films coming out in the next year or two. While there are no plans for the iconic Denzel Washington to cross paths on screen with Reynolds again, maybe that will change now that they are both trending together.

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