Hugh Jackman Threw Shade At Ryan Reynolds While Promoting Blake Lively’s New Product, And Of Course He Responded

Deadpool in a Hugh Jackman mask

At this point, it seems like neither Hugh Jackman nor Ryan Reynolds can't open their mouths without throwing a verbal jab at the other. Each movie star poking the other at every available opportunity has just become part of their respective brands. And yet, it's still pretty hilarious when they do it, so nobody is quite tired yet. The latest back and forth comes as Hugh Jackman had some very nice things to say about Reynolds' wife, actress Blake Lively, and her new beverage line. Of course, he couldn't resist making a reference to Reynolds, and Reynolds couldn't resist responding.

It all started with a video Hugh Jackman posted to Instagram, the focus was on Betty Buzz, a new tonic water line which are designed as cocktail mixers but are, according to Jackman, good enough to drink straight, that has been introduced by Blake Lively. Jackman promised his video was not a paid ad, simply his own personal opinion that that the drinks were excellent, and he wanted everybody to know it. He also wanted everybody to know that Blake Lively is a wonderful person, especially for being able to put up with her husband. Jackman said...

Blake Lively, you are one of a kind. You are fun, you are creative, you are sunshine 7 days a week. And you’re a saint for marrying that man. Sorry, not sorry.

Hugh Jackman has previously praised Ryan Reynolds' mother with the same backhanded compliment, that she is wonderful, in part because putting up with Reynolds must be tough. Of course, one has to assume that even making the comment was designed to get some sort of a response from Ryan Reynolds, and it did exactly that. Reynolds didn't even wait to post his own video, he simply replied in the comments, saying...

This wasn’t part of the deal when I bought this video on Cameo.

I sort of love the image of Ryan Reynolds actually paying Hugh Jackman through Cameo to record a video to support his wife's beverage company, and then seeing that the actor insulted him. If that actually were what happened here it would only be funnier.

Of course, in this case the feud is ultimately being used to help promote Betty Buzz. The video has more than a million views and Ryan Reynolds' comment has over 20,000 likes, so a lot of people have seen it, which means they've also heard Jackman's support for the drinks. This might not have been a paid advertisement, but the video is certainly working as that. Even if Jackman wasn't asked to record this video, he certainly did it to help support his friend. You have to figure a few of these million people will give the drinks a try.

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