Ryan Reynolds Opens Up About 'Lifelong' Struggle With Mental Health And Hugh Jackman Shares Support

For years now we've seen a "feud" between actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. The pair continually poke fun at each other, insult each other, and generally give each other a hard time over their careers, their beverage based side-hustles, and whatever else they can find to throw at each other. Of course, it's clear that all of it is done with love and that the two are really good friends, but recently we saw just how true that is when Ryan Reynolds let his guard down about something in his life and Jackman offered words of support.

Ryan Reynolds posted to Instagram as part of Mental Health Awareness month, and made people aware that he suffers from anxiety. He admitted that that even the fact that he made this post near the end of the month was due to the fact that his anxiety causes him scheduling problems. However, he wanted to say this publicly so that others who suffer from anxiety can know that they are not alone.

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One often gets the impression that celebrities lead perfect lives, and Ryan Reynolds is one who always seems particularly charismatic and confident, so the idea that he suffers from any form of mental illness is likely surprising to many people. But then, that's the point. By bringing attention to himself he's bringing attention to all those who suffer, and helping those that do realize that it truly can happen to anybody, and perhaps help normalize the issue and make it easier for everybody to talk about it.

And Hugh Jackman is one who is very proud of his friend for being open and honest about his struggles. Jackman posted a comment on Ryan Reynolds' post to show his support, believing that his openness can only help others. Jackman's response reads...

Mate - your honesty is not only brave but, I’m positive it will help countless others who struggle with anxiety too. Good on you!

Mental health is one of those things that people generally don't talk about and thus we don't understand just what it really means. People may not even understand that they're suffering because they don't understand what it really is, and thus they don't realize there is help available.

It's great to see not only Ryan Reynolds coming out and being honest with his own struggles, but to see the support of another big celebrity like Hugh Jackman. It shows just how much the two really are friends, despite their ongoing battles, which can at least appear to get heated, even if they're both only having fun. Seeing both of them support mental health awareness may not change the world but it may do some good, and sometimes that's all you can hope for.

And perhaps they can also help all of our mental health by making us laugh the next time they start insulting each other.

Dirk Libbey
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