The Rock, Gal Gadot And Ryan Reynolds All Have Funny Takes On That First Red Notice Scene

As the release date for the Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds' international action comedy Red Notice draws nearer, we have been getting more details about the film, its plot, and its stars characters. Netflix has been sharing plenty of looks at the stunt work and action in the film’s first trailer. This weekend we finally got to see Red Notice’s stars in action in a new clip. More specifically, we got to watch Gadot mop the floor with The Rock and Reynolds. Now, the stars have all shared their funny takes on that first Red Notice scene.

The upcoming film has some serious star power, with some veteran action movie experience, and the new scene that Netflix has released shows off the action and comedy chemistry of its three stars. In the clip, The Rock and Ryan Reynolds are about to steal some sort of Fabergé-looking item before being interrupted by Gadot. This leads to a two-on-one fight where she absolutely dominates her co-stars. Of course, they each had their own hilarious takes on the scene on Instagram. Here’s what the Marvel star had to say about the fight:

For real... This scene was shot on every #legday over the course of 5 months.

Ryan Reynolds attributes his character’s performance to being fatigued because they filmed on leg day. He shows off his comedy skills in the midst of a heated fight scene, and Gal Gadot shows off why she is also Wonder Woman, using weapons and every move you could think of in three minutes. The DC star also commented on the scene, saying:

A two on one fight! That’s unfair… for you. Go and send your condolences to The Rock and Ryan Reynolds, it’s not their fault the cards were stacked against them.

Gal Gadot manages the two-on-one fight pretty flawlessly, flipping The Rock over her shoulder and just generally beating up Ryan Reynolds in whatever way she chose to. The bigger, buffer Dwayne Johnson did hold his own compared to his Free Guy pal, but he still got beat, and he responded to the scene like everyone watching, marveling at Gadot completely dominating the fight.

From our highly anticipated, globe trotting #REDNotice as Gal Gadot wipes the floor with our asses! Thanks Ryan Reynolds!

There is a reason a producer of Red Notice feels very fortunate to have cast The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, and the fight scene is the perfect encapsulation of why. They are all stars in their own right and mixing their action expertise with comedy chops is also a signature for each of them. It should be a near-perfect recipe for a good time and the reason fans will (hopefully) love the movie.

In fact, Netflix seems more than primed for the actors to take their success to streaming. Reynolds’ 2012 film with Denzel Washington, Safe House, has been trending on Netflix ahead of the November release of Red Notice. As Johnson also noted in his post, Netflix is preparing for its "biggest movie ever," and everyone involved is trying to make this movie a proper event. I can't wait to see how Gadot and her co-stars work out their differences in Red Notice, hopefully with more fight scenes just like this one.

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