Avengers: Endgame Set Photo Offers New Look At Tony’s Funeral, And I Have Questions

Avengers: Endgame was one of the biggest movies ever made with one of the most impressive casts ever assembled. And part of what makes the movie that much more impressive is the fact that, while a multitude of movie tricks could have made the impressive cast only appear to be on screen together, they largely all were there-- even for a simple crowd shot where nobody spoke. The crowd is so big it might even have some uninvited guests. Because a new set photo from Endgame at Tony's funeral has me asking questions.

A pair of images have been making the rounds from the funeral scene at the end of Avengers: Endgame. The image confirms that all the stars of the movie were on hand for the funeral scene and it wasn't done by creating a composite image of several different groups. However, somebody is asking a question that we now can't stop asking. Who exactly is that on the far right of the image in the CGI pajamas?

from r/marvelstudios

The second image shows the assembled mourners at Tony Stark's funeral, and it's a massive crowd. It honestly looks bigger here than it did on the movie screen. But then off to the right we see a character standing alone who appears to be a stand in for a CGI character. The most obvious candidate for who this would be is Mark Ruffalo's Hulk, but the first image shows Hulk in the middle of the pack, not off to one side, so that wouldn't seem to make any sense.

Some are suggesting that this is simply an alternate take, that put the actors in different places, so this could still be Hulk, but that doesn't necessarily work either. This character clearly isn't holding his right arm in a sling, as Hulk would have been. Having said that, there's no other obvious CGI character in the crowd that could be Hulk, so maybe it is.

Other fans on Reddit are suggesting that it could be some other character, like Korg, who was perhaps filmed to be in the funeral sequence, but wasn't ultimately used in the final cut. Korg seems like an odd choice to be off on his own like that. Korg has always been a comic relief character, but perhaps that's why he was cut out. If there was an attempt to include a joke here, maybe in just didn't work given the overall tone of the scene.

The Russo Brothers have previously said that there were three CGI characters in the scene, Hulk, Rocket, and Groot. Based on the height of the character, it's likely not Rocket, so perhaps it could be Groot, again, in an alternate version from what we got in the final film.

Whoever that is, it's still a pretty impressive picture of a cast brought together, especially considering none of them apparently had any idea what they were doing there. And maybe the crowd was even bigger than we thought as some guests of the funeral didn't make it on camera.

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