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If you were to ask most people to pick one superhero from the Bible, they would pick Jesus. Sadly, they would be wrong. The Son of God got up to some cool shenanigans in the New Testament but nothing that comes close to topping Samson. That beast wrestled a lion, destroyed a temple and took out entire armies by himself. Also, he had sweet hair that sourced his power and a shady girlfriend that was actually a spy. He's a nickname and a cape away from joining The Avengers. Now the thought isn't as laughable as you might think.

According to NBC Washington, Scott Silver, the screenwriter behind The Fighter, has put together a sci-fi, futuristic superhero movie based on Samson. It's unclear exactly how much the final crime fighter might resemble the Old Testament's long-haired badass, but as long as Delilah shows up, I'll probably be happy.

Not Silver's first foray into the comic book game, the author is an avid fan of superhero movies and even did some work on the first Wolverine. We'll try not to hold that against him. No time table has been set or possible casting choices announced, but the project has found a home at Warner Brothers and will move forward in the near future.

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