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If you want all the latest details on the upcoming, actually-real Entourage movie, you could do worse than to follow the Instagram feed of series creator Doug Ellin. He was the first person to confirm, last month, that the contract disputes had been settled and the boys were coming back, and today he posted the above photo and message, which confirms the movie will go into production on January 16.

That puts just two months between the contracts getting signed and the start of production, but Ellin's had plenty of time to whip the story into shape-- talk of an Entourage movie has been happening for nearly four years now, and Ellin even announced a full year ago that he had finished the script. That's when the problems apparently really started, since word on the project went completely silent until early last month, when series executive producer Mark Wahlberg spoke out against the "greedy" people who were holding the movie back. Jeremy Piven was quickly fingered as the culprit, and not long after that everything was worked out and the movie was a go. It's amazing what even a brief public dispute can do to force everyone to play nice.

As for what will actually happen in the movie-- or even how there will be enough conflict for a movie based on a show where nothing really ever happened-- that part's still pretty much a mystery. Rumor broke recently that supermodel Kate Upton was being considered for a role, but it was pretty much a given that the Entourage movie would feature at least one completely gorgeous woman. Based on this photo the reunion will also include Debi Mazar, who played Vince's publicist Shauna over the course of the show. There are dozens of other recurring characters and even celebrities who could return to make cameos in the movie, and I'm betting that Ellin and company will find room for as many of them as he can. If you've got any suggestions on who you want to see, feel free to share them below.

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