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Mondo has a beautiful history with the music of the Jurassic Park franchise. Around this time last year, the company made waves with an exquisite vinyl press of the iconic original soundtrack to Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece. And now that Jurassic World is dominating the box-office charts, Mondo is at it again… and they are sharing the artwork for the recording with CinemaBlend, exclusively.

Mondo just announced a first vinyl pressing of the soundtrack to Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World, composed by the incredibly talented and prolific Michael Giacchino. We recently reported how the success of Jurassic World helped John Williams’ original score to climb back up the music charts nearly 22 years after release. So it’s obvious that the music of the Jurassic series has almost as much of an impact as the special effects, performances and film craft have on the finished product.

Mondo's web exclusive version of this 2XLP is pressed on 180 Gram Translucent Green Vinyl with a Blue Stripe in honor of Blue the Raptor, from Trevorrow’s sequel. The soundtrack also will be made available on Black Vinyl. As part of the launch, Mondo shared three pieces of original art by Stan & Vince, including the album’s gate:


Its front cover:

Front Cover

And its back cover:

Back Cover

Mondo also shared with us the album’s track listing:

Side A
01. Bury The Hatchling (1:56)
02. The Family That Strays Together (1:00)
03. Welcome To Jurassic World (2:08)
04. As The Jurassic World Turns (5:30)
05. Clearly His First Rodeo (3:28)
06. Owen You Nothing (1:19)
07. Indominus Wrecks (6:11)

Side B
08. Gyrosphere Of Influence (3:14)
09. Pavane For A Dead Apatosaurus (4:44)
10. Fits And Jumpstarts (1:31)
11. The Dimorphodon Shuffle (2:13)
12. Love In The Time Of Pterosauria (4:30)

Side C
13. Chasing The Dragons (2:54)
14. Raptor Your Heart Out (3:50)
15. Costa Rican Standoff (4:37)
16. Our Rex Is Bigger Than Yours (2:41) 17. Growl And Make Up (1:16)
18. Nine To Survival Job (2:33)
19. The Park Is Closed (1:38)

Side D
20. Jurassic World Suite (12:53)
21. It's A Small Jurassic World (1:43)
22. The Hammond Lab Overture (1:07)
23. The Brockway Monorail (1:45)
24. Sunrise O'er Jurassic World (2:06)

This album pre-order ships in September 2015. The pre-order process begins on Friday, June 26, on

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