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Welcome to the 51st edition of The Cord Cutter Podcast! Prepare yourselves, because Mick, Adrienne and Jeff are about to discuss all the major things coming to (and leaving) Netflix in September, and you can rest assured that they will pull no punches! Your three hosts will get into the details of all the popular titles which are about to arrive on the streamer, as well as discussing some of the biggest Netflix original titles which will see their debut in the ninth month of 2018. And, we'll also give you a rundown of the major properties getting kicked off the service this month, so you know what to jump on before they leave at some point in September.

So, what's in store for September 2018? Well, as usual, Netflix is pumping itself full of surprising new content that film and TV lovers of all stripes can enjoy at their leisure. For major releases that already have fantastic name recognition, you'll be treated to one of the top fantasy comedies of all time, a high school classic, one of the biggest superhero movies of all time, zombies aplenty and a good number of Disney hits. When it comes to Netflix originals, we're getting new seasons of several favorites in the adult animated comedy, cooking, family dramedy and faux documentary categories, while a couple of original movies look to be fabulous editions to the catalog, with one even starring some real heavy hitters. And, if you want the full list, be sure to check that out right here. Ready to dive in? Great, listen for yourself above!

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