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Welcome to HeroBlend #24! This week we've got some big reveals to discuss with you, so Eric and Adrienne are going to get into their thoughts on the first X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer, Eric's thoughts on the new Aquaman footage he got a chance to see, and all the cool details that were just released about DC's Birds of Prey movie! First, though, some superhero news items have crossed our desks this week that you need to know about. We've got info on the ex-DC executive who needed to leave Twitter, The Eternals and Black Widow movies, the big things the Arrow-verse crossover title might reveal and what Tom Hardy hopes for the Venom sequel.

After news, we'll return to Five Minutes Under the Gunn to talk recent James Gunn developments, and it turns out we've got some good news and some bad news for fans. Then, we will go over our reactions to the first trailer from X-Men: Dark Phoenix, including the big questions we still have, what we liked and didn't like and why X-Men: The Last Stand still seems to be hanging around the story. Next, Eric will talk all about his trip to the Aquaman edit bay to look at some new footage from the film with director James Wan. He'll let us know what he saw and what he thinks it will mean for the finished film. Last, Birds of Prey is moving ahead faster than we expected, and this week has brought some nice info on the film that should get fans excited. Sit back and relax, folks, because this is one chat you're not going to want to miss! Ready to dive in? Great! Read on to get the lowdown on this week's podcast and then listen for yourself above!

01:31 - Ex-DC exec was harassed and quit Twitter because she gave her opinion on the new Joker movie
05:22 - The MCU's Eternals movie found a director
09:50 - Black Widow solo movie could be a period piece
12:54 - Why the Arrow-verse crossover title is so exciting
15:44 - Tom Hardy wants an R-rated Venom sequel, but we doubt that'll happen
20:10 - 5 Minutes Under the Gunn
25:20 - Dark Phoenix trailer reaction
37:54 - Eric reacts to exclusive Aquaman footage
49:30 - Exciting Birds of Prey casting and production updates

Now, get in on the superhero-filled fun and have a listen to the HeroBlend Podcast #24! And, be sure to subscribe to the HeroBlend Podcast on iTunes, right here and follow us on Twitter, @HeroBlend.

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