10 Things I Hate About You Star Larisa Oleynik Granted A Restraining Order Against Fan

10 Things I Hate About You and Secret World Of Alex Mack actress Larisa Oleynik may not be quite as popular as she was during the late 90s, but for at least one fan, her star power never waned. More than two years ago, Josh Hathaway changed his name to Josh Oleynik and starting in July of this past year, he reportedly began calling Larisa’s mother and leaving gifts on her doorstep in an attempt to win over her famous daughter and eventually marry her. Unfortunately, all the attention had the opposite effect, and Larisa headed to court last week in an attempt to get a restraining order.

According to TMZ, the restraining order was granted by the judge on January 31st. For the next three years, Hathaway/ Oleynik is barred from making any contact with or being any closer than one hundred feet from the starlet.

Oleynik hasn’t spoken publically about the situation, and with the restraining order in place, it’s unlikely she will change her mind and suddenly become open about it. Hopefully, the legal protection will allow both parties to move on with their own lives without crossing paths again. Going to court might not be the most convenient or cheap way to handle something like this, but sometimes the formality is exactly what is needed to put an abrupt end to an ordeal.

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