The Only 11 Cat Videos You Actually Need To Watch

You only have a certain amount of time every day to devote to things like watching videos, and unfortunately, a majority of that small window of time can often be spent just trying to find the best forms of media entertainment on the Internet. It's a vicious, time-consuming cycle, but what if there was one place, one source, one article that contained all the mega-awesomeness of internet cat videos in one central location? Well, welcome to Pop Blend's source of cat videos you actually need to watch.

You can start with the video below and work your way all the way down to the number one spot. I'm sure you'll be surprised by some of our choices along the way. Lo and behold, the only cat videos you actually need to watch.

No.11 This Isn't Even His Final Form

30 styles of kung-fu? Forget that. This black and white cat switches stances faster than the Neocons during the Cold War era. Things start extremely slow, extremely tense, but then it escalates like the last ten minutes of a Jason Stathom flick. The white cat is all kinds of cool and collected, and that black and white cat with the kung-fu stance is just wicked. Definitely worth watching.

No.10 The Cat & The Tub

Now here's a video that just screams cute, desperate, sadness and hilarity. It's cute because the cat is rather plump. It's desperate because you can see the cat desperately trying to get out of the tub. It's sad because the cat is so fat and out of shape that it can't get out. It's hilarious because it's so darn cute, desperate and sad.

No.9 Cats, Scratches And Bears, Oh My

This cat must have been born from the genes of Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal in a secret lab out in the middle of Utah. The video is all kinds of awesome and just gets better as it goes on. Not only that, there's a streak of straight-up baddassery in this cat that likes of which makes the strands of hair stand up on the gonads of Dana White... and dance.

No.8 Cat Plays Mother

Either this cat has magical telekinetic power or it's the most paternal, black-furred quadruped on the planet. This cat exercises patience most humans only wish they could possess and it has the soothing powers that only the seediest of Thai massage parlors could exercise. Will we ever find out how this cat managed to do what most parents can't? We may never know.

No.7 Cat Fights Doppelganger

It's a tough fight – going against a mirror image of yourself. What if you had to fight to the death? Who would go first? Well, this cat puts that test to the theory by going all in, using jump kicks and karate scratches and backflip attacks to defeat its evil twin... a twin that only appears in a mirror.

No.6 David vs Goliath

Well that was unexpected. I don't know if Dana White has been scouting “Goliath” in this video, but the cats who go head-to-head (more like the little one egging on the big one until a fight breaks out) put a lot of UFC fights to shame. This is also probably the best representation of what a lot of people like to do to online trolls. So let this be a lesson to you trolls: this video represents what a lot of people would like to do to you... so um... yeah, be afraid behind your computer screens and comfy computer chairs. Be very afraid.

No.5 WTF Kitty?

Now here's a video that starts all nice and cozy. It's one of those clips that doesn't give you any clue as to what's happening, what's going to happen or how it all unfolds. What ends up transpiring is both odd, shocking and absolutely silly, mostly because it's like... WTF kitty?

No.4 Cat Boxes Dog

This slick video will have you giggling at first but then bursting with laughter by the time the video comes to a close. It's short, sweet, quick and yet paced with loads of mounting tension. You can just see that things are going to get ugly if they keep going on in the way that they are, and yet it goes there... it goes there!

No.3 Cat Vs Laser Pointer

The endearing quality of this video comes with the tenacity of this white-haired cat. It's not just the hilarity of a cat chasing a laser pointer like wackos chase Obama's birth certificate, but it's the fact that there's so much energy put into capturing of the laser pointer by this little fella. The repetitive antics of trying to corner the laser for a minute is just such an entertaining experience.

No.2 Cat Boarding

It hasn't quite made the viral trend of being everywhere and being seen by everyone, but it does get the laughs flowing and the replay button a good workout. The novelty and fun of the video comes in its simplicity. A cat rolls by in a cardboard box on a skateboard. It's so ridiculous that you have to watch it more than once. Also, check out that serious business face.

No.1 Keyboard Kitty

Well here it is... the one and only cat video to rule them all. This also happens to be the original viral video that took the internet by storm. This is the Holy Grail of cat videos, and has garnered tens of millions of views from around the world and across the internet. Lo and behold its infectious virality.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.