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Actor Jensen Ackles is having a baby with his wife, Danneel Harris, who also happens to be involved in the acting world. The super cute couple have been married for over two years, and, according to the couple’s representative, the pregnancy is their first. Since Ackles currently stars in Supernatural on the CW and Harris appeared in the network’s One Tree Hill for several years, I like to think the baby could be a miniature CW actor in the making, or worst case scenario, a security guard on the lot or walk-on extra in the making.

E! reported the news, also noting that it’s been a big year for Supernatural babies, well sort of. Supernatural co-star Jared Padalecki had his first child with his wife last spring.

Unfortunately, it’s a little too early to even detect a baby bump in the mom-to-be, so it’s definitely too early to even think about getting into specific details such as gender or due date. Suffice to say, the couple are really excited about their news, with Harris hopping on to Twitter to let fans in on her upbeat attitude.
“Thank you for all the well wishes. We are very excited about our soon to be new addition.”

Pop Blend would like to wish the couple the very best as they move forward in the baby planning process. Everyone else, we’ll keep you posted as more baby news wafts our way. Fingers crossed it’ll all be exciting, positive details from this point forward.

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