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Note: Big Sean’s “Fire” comes with a nice parental advisory warning so click the link at your own risk!

Miley’s Cyrus’ weird new love for hip-hop culture and revealing fashion choices is well-documented at this point and naturally works perfectly for the new video by rapper Big Sean, who is scheduled to release his second studio album later this month, called Hall of Fame. For now, we’ve gotten a glimpse at the new album via the new single “Fire,” which brings the rapper to the forefront in a big way.

The track mostly does this by making great use of Cyrus and her ability to create sensual poses out of sitting on blocks of fire and holding items of clothing like raincoats. Cyrus is clearly a much bigger name at this point than Big Sean, and she’s been making plenty of headlines lately, thanks to a combination of the twerking phase pop culture is going through and her wild new video for the track “We Can’t Stop.” You can check out her half shirt outfit, below, or check out some of the other risqué poses the singer tries throughout the video.


The video is filled with some intricate imagery beyond moments with Miley, offering shots of roses exploding and fire burning in different vessels. Big Sean took to Twitter today to talk about the track and how it is about personal evolution and making it through the ‘fire’, which he feels Miley Cyrus perfectly represents. Here’s what the author had to say about choosing Miley:

The fairly thoughtful track is not the first single from Big Sean’s sophomore album. If you’d like to see what the man can do without Cyrus around for the video, you can check out the more fun-loving, money-oriented track “Guap" or just pick up Hall of Fame when it hits stores on August 27.

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