13-Year-Old Willow Smith Photographed In Bed With Much Older Actor

The line between hanging out with an older sibling and their friends and being involved in activities that aren’t age appropriate can sometimes be a little bit fuzzy. Never has that been clearer than over the past day or so after Will Smith’s daughter Willow was photographed lying in bed with 20-year-old former Hannah Montana star Moises Arias, who just so happened to be shirtless.

As you can see in the above picture, there’s nothing technically wrong with the snapshot. She’s fully clothed. They’re not engaged in any kind of sexual activity or shenanigans, but at a glance, there’s something kind of creepy about it. And it gets creepier and creepier the more you think about it. It’s well-known that Arias is friends with the Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner (18 and 16) and Jaden and Willow Smith (15 and 13). The former is vaguely understandable. The age gap isn’t that different. In fact, it’s downright normal that he might be close with Kendall, but it’s just odd that he would hang out with a girl who is middle school aged.

Thus far, much of the backlash has been directed at parents Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith. They’re reportedly not pleased about what happened, but many think they shouldn’t have even let their 15-year-old son or 13-year-old daughter hang out with someone so much older. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. None of us are close to the situation enough to know whether they actually fell asleep at the wheel or not.

Moises Arias has really started to earn a name for himself over the past couple of years. Free from the confines of Hannah Montana’s rather formulaic scripts, he’s starred in a wide range of projects since, most notably The Kings Of Summer and Ender’s Game. In short, he has a great little career going for himself, and while he almost certainly didn’t do anything wrong here, he probably should use it as a reminder that the public is watching and you have to be careful what you let out into the world. What seems innocent to you might be a week’s worth of stories for a gossip blog.

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