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Recently, a news report proved how strange the job can be for anchormen reporting on the streets. Just a couple of days ago, New York news reporter Mario Diaz was chatting about Shia LaBeouf’s recent bizarre behavior with PIX11 News when a young woman in a bold hat walks by. Noticing the camera, she doubles back, disappears for a moment and then pops out to kiss Diaz awkwardly on the arm. I’m sure there are plenty of strange people willing to get up to camera shenanigans during live reports in New York City, but this weird behavior happened to come from none other than singer-songwriter Erykah Badu.

To his credit, the weirded out Diaz only lurches to one side, holding his arm up and saying excuse me to the celebrity near him. He then ties his LaBeouf story in with the incident, noting, “(LaBeouf was) avoiding all cameras, unlike myself, who couldn’t avoid a fan just now who tried to kiss me.” What a professional.

This isn’t the first time Badu has been in the news under strange circumstances. In recent years, Badu has landed in the headlines thanks to a controversial tattoo of Allah that the Malaysian government wasn’t keen on. The government later canceled one of her concerts in Kuala Lumpur due to the singer’s body art. Later, she got into some beef with frontman Wayne Coyne about a NSFW video that was released without her consent. This is probably a lot less strange than some of the other incidents that have landed the “Bag Lady” singer on the news. Plus, she and Diaz have communicated since her odd on-camera moment, and seem to have turned it into a big joke.

In fact, her latest communication with the newsman was pretty amusing.

Hopefully for Diaz, other people on the streets don’t turn the on-camera air kiss into a daily phenomenon.

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