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The story of Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris by a group of armed men may have just gotten even more terrifying. Apparently, now the Kardashian family and the police investigating the incident are suspicious that the robbers may have been aided by someone close to the family.

According to TMZ's sources, Kim Kardashian and the police now suspect that an inside source tipped off Kardashian's robbers with the best time to break into the reality star's room. The theory seems to make sense given that Kardashian is rarely without her security guard, and the one night that he left her alone to shadow sisters Kourtney and Kendall at a nightclub was also the night that the robbery occurred. Also suspiciously, the robbers broke into Kardashian's room just a bit after the friends she had invited over that night had left. It was additionally reported that the robbers knew immediately where Kardashian's jewelry box was, and made off with the collection valued at over $10 million.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians and police are now looking into those who were close to the family during Paris Fashion Week and had enough information about Kim's comings and goings to effectively tip off the armed robbers. Unfortunately, it appears that's actually a long list of people --- the Paris hotel Kardashian was staying at includes many units, and tons of Fashion Week organizers knew her schedule for the week. One person that the Kardashian family is reportedly sure was not involved is Kim's bodyguard Pascal Duvier: the one that left Kardashian on Sunday night to guard her sisters.

For right now, the Paris police are reportedly looking into the phone records of anyone in or around the hotel on Sunday night in search of any suspicious activity.

In case you forgot the details of the robbery, five armed men reportedly stormed into the hotel Kim Kardashian was staying at for Paris Fashion Week and threatened the concierge to open the door to her room for them. Then, two of the men held Kardashian at gunpoint, handcuffed her, taped her mouth shut, and lay her in the bathtub before taking her jewelry box and leaving. Kardashian managed to make it out of the robbery unharmed, but is reportedly very badly shaken from it.

Kim Kardashian's husband Kanye West got news of the robbery on Sunday night in the middle of one of his concerts in New York. He abruptly ended the show midway through, apologizing to the crowd and telling them there has been a family emergency, and then left the stage. He and Kardashian reunited at a New Jersey airport on Monday morning and headed back to their New York apartment with a team of security guards.

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