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It sounds like the media's estimates of the worth of Kim Kardashian's stolen jewelry was off... by a few million dollars. Police documents are now surfacing that list Kardashian's stolen valuables as amounting to about half of what had been previously reported.

After Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris on Sunday night, various media outlets reported that the reality star had lost over $10 million in jewelry. Most of these estimates came from unnamed sources that are reportedly close to the Kardashian family. But apparently, now that the Paris police officers working on the case have finished their appraisal, the actual value of the items taken is $5.6 million, reports TMZ. It may not be $10 million, but I mean, losing over $5 million isn't that great either, you guys.

The $5.6 million value is attributed to 13 pieces of jewelry that were stolen from Kim Kardashian as she was bound and gagged in her Paris hotel room. The bulk of the monetary value of the pieces is attributed to one ring, which Kardashian had shown off on her Instagram account a little bit before the robbery took place. The media was more on the mark with its estimates of the ring's value, which turned out to be $4.5 million. The police reports reveal that the ring is a 20 carat emerald cut diamond, and sources say that Kardashian has filed an insurance claim setting its value at a flat $4 million.


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Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in the hotel room she was staying at for Paris Fashion Week on Sunday night. Reportedly, five masked robbers threatened the concierge to let them into her room, and then two of the robbers handcuffed Kardashian, taped her mouth shut, and placed her in her room's bathtub. The robbers then quickly grabbed her jewel box and left.

Though Kim Kardashian was unharmed in the incident, she has stated that she is incredibly shaken by it, and reportedly will be scaling back her use of social media in the future, for fear that posts about her location or possessions may have aided the burglars. When her husband Kanye West was informed of the robbery the night that it occurred, he abruptly left his New York concert and met Kardashian at the New Jersey airport that she flew into.

Sources have since reported that the police and Kim Kardashian believe that the robbery may have been an inside job, and are looking into everyone who knew about Kardashian's comings and goings during her time at Paris Fashion Week. Her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians is on an indefinite hiatus while the family deals with the aftermath of the traumatic event.

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