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Kim Kardashian is not about to let anyone delegitimatize her traumatic robbery last week. The reality star is now suing a celebrity gossip website for libel after it posted numerous stories claiming that Kardashian faked her robbery for publicity.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's attorney Andrew Brettler filed the lawsuit against gossip site and its owner Fred Mwangaguhunga on Tuesday, Billboard reports. In the suit, Brettler argues that the website published articles meant to do maximum harm to Kardashian while citing no credible sources.

Kardashian was assaulted and robbed by two masked men, who placed a gun to her head, duct-taped her hands, legs and mouth, and then left her lying helplessly on the bathroom floor of her rented apartment while the thieves absconded with millions of dollars in jewelry. As if that ordeal were not awful enough, Defendants made it worse by publishing on the Website, only hours after the assault, that Kardashian faked the robbery and then committed insurance fraud by filing a false claim with her carrier.

It appears as though Media Take Out has since deleted its stories about Kim Kardashian's robbery from its website, but you can still get an idea about what they published from their tweets, which have not yet been removed. The site first accused Kardashian of staging the robbery last Monday, the day following the incident.

That same day, the site apparently accused police officers of helping Kim Kardashian stage the robbery by removing bags of evidence.

The next day, the site allegedly used the fact that Kim's sister Khloe Kardashian was smiling as evidence that the robbery was a hoax.

Kim Kardashian is seeking general, special, punitive and exemplary damages from the website and its owner, in an amount that she is leaving up to the court to decide. The website has yet to respond to the lawsuit, although as noted above, it does seem to have deleted the articles in question.

Media Take Out hasn't been the alone in criticizing Kim Kardashian following her traumatic robbery. Some commenters, including fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, accused Kardashian of being to showy with her wealth on social media. These critics point out that just hours before the robbery, Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of herself with a large diamond ring valued at $4.5 million, which was taken in the robbery. Perhaps as a response to these claims, sources close to Kardashian say that she is scaling back her use of social media. Uncharacteristically, Kardashian has not posted on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, or on her personal app since the robbery two Sundays ago.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly incredibly shaken by the invasion and robbery, and is beefing up her security team with former Secret Service agents, along with halting production on her reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This lawsuit is just further proof that she is not joking around about this.

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