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This Video Of A Montreal Car And Bus Accident Has Us Already Dreading Winter

Mondays, am I right? Starting off the week proved extra difficult for drivers attempting to use one particularly slick road in Montreal on Monday morning. The icy street wound up creating a massive pile-up of vehicles ranging from city buses to a salt truck that couldn't manage to save themselves from slippery doom. The video below is simultaneously hard to watch and hard to look away from...

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Thankfully, the multiple car crashes were more like car taps, and none of the passengers in the slow-moving vehicles that lost control appear to be injured. Local station CBC Montreal shared the above video of the multiple crashes on the street, which is actually more a bit more bizarre than horrifying (assuming no one was seriously hurt) . The clip shows a city bus unable to brake at the bottom of the downhill road and slowly pushing four stopped cars into a (thankfully clear) intersection. Then a truck and yet another bus join in on the pile-up. Finally it's time to call in the police, but even Canada's finest can't deal with the icy decline, and the cop car twirls down the street with its lights still whirring, and joins the mass of metal. So what else can they do? Bring in a salt truck to hopefully deal with the tricky ice, except it too can't deal with the slickness and winds up hitting the police car pretty hard.

Clearly, the worst crash of the pile-up was the final one in which the large salt truck rammed into the police cruise, but thankfully CBC News reported that the policemen that were in that car had left the vehicle before the salt truck had hit it.

The pile-up occurred in near Victoria Square in downtown Montreal, and numerous passersby stopped to marvel at the cartoonish crashes and take videos while on their way to work in the morning. One man told CBC News that nobody in the buses seemed to be injured in the icy chaos, but expressed his confusion as to why the road wasn't salted in the first place, given that snow was in the forecast for Monday morning and the major street has a downward incline. He's got a point --- I mean, come on; it's Canada in December, so maybe assume that it's going to get pretty snowy.

At least it seems as though nobody was hurt in the whole mess, and the bystanders were treated to to massive game of their national sport: curling! All's well that ends well, I suppose.