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What could Kanye West and Donald Trump possibly talk about? Well... I mean, they actually have a lot in common when you think about it --- both are major celebrities who have used their platforms to get political. Remember when Kanye announced he would run for president at the VMAs last year? So anyway, maybe we shouldn't have been all too surprised when the President-Elect and famous rapper met up on Tuesday morning, but the topics that they discussed are still pretty mysterious.

Donald Trump and Kanye West had a brief meeting with one another in Trump Tower on Tuesday morning, and the building's lobby was filled with reporters after the 15-minute meeting ended. Though West did not answer any questions, Trump gave a few very short remarks, TMZ reports. After saying that West has been his friend for a long time, Trump gave a vague one-word answer to sum up what they talked about.

Reporter: What did you guys discuss?

Donald Trump:Life.

So there you have it: just two old pals talking about life. Obviously the answer isn't very enlightening, and outlets have been trying to suss out what really went down in those 15 minutes all day. One source told PEOPLE that Kanye West and Donald Trump didn't talk about politics at all, but on the other side of things a source told E! News that Trump is considering making West an ambassador involved in entrepreneurship. What the outlets are agreeing on is that West had requested the meeting while he was visiting New York City. West had expressed his support for Trump at one of his concerts last month, telling the audience that although he didn't vote in the election, if he did it would have been for Trump.

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Unfortunately, things have not been going great for Kanye West recently. After going on a particularly long rant and ending his concert early a few weeks ago, the rapper canceled the remaining 21 shows on his tour and checked into a hospital after his physician reportedly diagnosed him with temporary psychosis brought on by dehydration and exhaustion. After and eight-day stay, West was released and joined his wife Kim Kardashian in staying away from the spotlight (until now) by cancelling all of his public appearances remaining in 2016. West has reportedly still been receiving therapy from his home since being discharged from the hospital, and has spent most of his time working on music in his private studio.

From the looks of him, Kanye West seems to be doing much better now, and is even rocking a new blonde hairdo. What do you guys think he and Trump actually talked about?