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To say that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finished 2016 on a sour note would be a major understatement. After Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint and avoided the public eye for months, West was hospitalized after a reported mental breakdown. The months of turmoil not only put a strain on the reality star and rapper as individuals, but also reportedly on their marriage, as separation rumors began to rise in the tabloids. Though more reputable sources have dismissed divorce rumors, insiders are reporting that the superstars' marriage is tense following the tumultuous few months, but the couple are attempting to work things out.

A source is now telling PEOPLE that, as many have suspected, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in an awkward place after their respective struggles at the end of 2016, and are working on keeping their relationship intact. According to the source, the couple isn't exactly as lovey-dovey as they used to be, and instead seem to only tolerate one another recently.

Kanye and Kim are still in that very polite stage after a blowup. They're getting along better, but it's still a difficult time.

The primary thing driving this wedge between the formerly ride-or-die supercouple is reportedly Kanye West's recent hospitalization. The rapper spent eight days in the UCLA Medical Center after reports that he got aggressive with a member of his staff. His physician reported that West was being held for a temporary psychosis, and Kim Kardashian flew to Los Angeles to stay at her husband's bedside for the week he was hospitalized.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

PEOPLE's source is also shedding some light on what caused Kanye West's reported breakdown in the first place. Apparently, the sudden death of his mother Donda West nine years ago still takes its toll on the rapper every November, and for whatever reason, this year turned out to be a particularly painful one.

Following his discharge, Kanye West has reportedly begun to undergo in patient therapy at home, but wasted no time making a splash in the public by meeting with President Elect Donald Trump. Some have theorized that it was West's immediate return to his controversial public persona following his hospitalization rather than choosing to lay low for a while like Kardashian had done after her robbery that had the couple no longer seeing eye to eye.

After three months offline, Kim Kardashian finally returned to social media on Tuesday with a picture of herself and Kanye West with their two children North and Saint West. Captioned "family," the photo seemed to suggest that Kardashian was committed to working things out with her husband, but she raised a few eyebrows earlier that day by briefly dropping her married name on Twitter and going by simply "Kim" instead.

Now we're more confused than ever about whether Kim and Kanye are going to make it or not! If I know anything about Kris Jenner, she's in talks with E! for an hourlong special before any major decisions get made.

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