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After three months offline, Kim Kardashian is officially back on Instagram and has wasted no time showing off her most famous feature. And her fans aren't the only ones appreciating the view --- Kardashian's latest upload shows her hubby Kanye West admiring his wife's bountiful booty. Check out the photo below.

he always has my back ????

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim Kardashian uploaded the couple photo to Instagram on Tuesday night, writing that her husband always has her back with a winking emoji. I don't think there could be a more perfect photo of the supercouple --- cute, but also a little cheeky.

Since returning to social media earlier this month, Kim Kardashian has posted a total of eleven photos, all of which feature her immediate family of Kanye West and two children North and Saint West. The shots are an aesthetic departure from the types of photos that Kardashian would post on the site before her three-month social media hiatus following her traumatic robbery in Paris. Rather than high quality, fashion shots, all of the new photos have a much more personal feel, as each of them depict candid family moments and employ blurriness and modified coloration to give off a retro vibe.

The new familial, throwback style of her Instagram presence has caught the eye of many high-profile photographers, who noted to the Hollywood Reporter recently that the shift has upped the artistic expression of her social media presence as a whole, as well as presenting a more intimate glimpse into her daily life. New York Magazine also picked up on the retro family photos vibe, calling Kardashian's new visual aesthetic "more Kennedy than Kardashian in its carefully curated domestic myth-making." I don't think we'd ever see Jackie Kennedy upload a photo of John checking out her butt, though.

Kim Kardashian's new string of photos come after she took a three-month break from social media following her robbery at gunpoint in a Paris hotel room in early October. At the end of Paris Fashion Week, five masked gunmen burst into the hotel that Kardashian was staying at, threatened the concierge, and then two of them broke into the reality star's room. The two men bound and gagged Kardashian while holding her at gunpoint, and then made off with an estimated $5.6 million in her jewelry.

Earlier this week, the Paris police department arrested 17 people on suspicion of their involvement with the armed robbery, which they will either have to charge or release from custody on Thursday depending on what they discover in the questioning process. One of the people arrested was the chauffeur that drove Kim Kardashian around while she was visiting Paris, however he was reportedly later released without charge.

It's been a scary few months for Kim Kardashian, but at least Kanye's got her back!

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