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We're getting a lot of new information about Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris, and it's coming straight from the victim herself. A French newspaper recently printed the statement that Kardashian gave to the police immediately following her robbery at gunpoint back in early October. In the statement, Kardashian details being bound, gagged, and held at gunpoint by a pair of, what she believes to have been, inexperienced robbers.

The French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche published Kim Kardashian's statement on her robbery on Friday, which ABC News then confirmed and translated to English. About an hour after her traumatic robbery, Kardashian described the events that transpired in the No Address Hotel in Paris in the early hours of October 3. Kardashian recalled that two men in ski masks and police uniforms came to her hotel room door at 2:56 a.m. with the hotel's receptionist tied up. One of the men was covering his eyes with ski goggles while the other was not.

The one with the ski goggles asked in a strong French accent where was my ring. It was placed on the bedside table. It costs 4 million dollars.

I answer him that I don't know, he takes out a weapon and I show him the ring. He pointed the weapon toward me. He takes the ring, he wears gloves. He asked me where the jewels and the money are. They [caught] me and took me in the lobby.

I was wearing a bathrobe, naked underneath. Then we went in the room again and they pushed me on the bed. And, at this time, they strapped me with plastic cables and tape on my hands, then they taped my mouth and my legs. They carried me in my bathroom, more specifically in my bathtub.

The $4 million ring that the robbers were targeting was one that Kim Kardashian had posted a selfie with earlier that day. In the aftermath of the robbery, Kardashian drastically decreased her normally robust presence on social media, remaining silent on all of her social accounts for three months until returning to post some family photos in early January.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's recounting of the night corresponds to the hotel receptionist's, who opened up about the incident shortly after it made headlines. The man said that five masked men impersonating police officers had coerced him to let them into the hotel. When he did, they tied him up and two of them made him reveal where Kardashian was staying and carried him to her room with them.

Another interesting bit to come out of Kim Kardashian's report on the night is her perception of the robbers' ability. The Paris police arrested 17 people last week on suspicion of their involvement in the robbery, and the department reported that most of the suspects skew older in age and that Kardashian's chauffeur was among those taken in (but later released with no charges). This might suggest that the crime may have been orchestrated by an experienced ring of burglars. However, Kardashian said that she believed the robbers were likely young and inexperienced, judging from the relative ease that she was able to remove the tape and plastic cables from her body after her assailants ran off with her jewelry.

This case might be even more confusing than we thought.

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