Pornhub Played A Hilariously Vicious April Fools Joke On Its Users

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April Fool's Day has come and gone, which means that internet users can breathe a sigh of relief and apply only the usual level of scrutiny to everything they read. Plenty of sites participated in trying to prank their users, but if you thought Rick and Morty won the day with their continuous loop of the surprise Season 3 premiere, then you didn't watch any porn yesterday. Pornhub -- the last place you ever want to get pranked -- decided to have a little fun with their users by scaring the holy hell out of them, and tricking people into thinking they had just shared their porn history to social media.

In an act that was both equal parts vicious and genius, Pornhub won April Fool's Day by making users think that their porn searches were no longer going to be private, which by the way, basically happened to Osama Bin Laden back in the day. Berry has the layout of the prank, which began when users clicked on whatever video happened to catch their fancy. Instead of going straight to the clip, an extremely realistic looking message would pop up thanking the user for sharing their chosen porno to their social media accounts. The pop-up looked something like this:

Pornhub thanks for sharing prank

The message read,"No need to manually share your video to your friends and family ever again because this new revolutionary sharing feature does it for you! Automatically!" Reading it now, it's clear from the chosen language that someone is having a lot of fun, but in the wake of your masturbatory preferences getting shared to your coworkers, you're not exactly thinking straight. You then had the option of clicking two buttons: "Thanks Pornhub!" or "WTF, reverse this now!" People couldn't click the second one fast enough and this is the message that greeted them when they did.

Pornhub happy april fools

It was all just revealed to be an April Fool's Day Prank, with Pornhub assuring that browsing history is always safe and secure on their website. A lot of people went ahead and had a good laugh about it on Twitter, and it's pretty clear that Pornhub is the unanimous winner of April Fool's 2017.

This April Fool's prank will more than likely go down in infamy, but there are plenty of other great pranks that happened over the years. Such notable ones include: Bob Barker showing up again on The Price is Right; Google's total Minions prank fail; Hulu time traveling back to the 90's; and Deadpool's R-rating announcement where he beats up Mario Lopez.

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