Liev Schreiber Adopted A Pair Of Hurricane Harvey Dogs He Met On Live!

Liev Schreiber may play a tough guy on Ray Donovan, but his heart was melted pretty easily the other day during an appearance on Live! With Kelly And Ryan. The show was having on both Schreiber and a bunch of rescue dogs from Texas following animal displacement after Hurricane Harvey. Well, long story short, the actor fell in love, called his former wife Naomi Watts and two kids, and now the family is in the process of adopting two of the cute puppies that were set to appear on the show. It's easy to see how the Schreiber family fell in love with these two particular pups; just look at them!

During Liev Schreiber's recent appearance on Live! With Kelly And Ryan, the cameras rolled backstage to reveal Schreiber video chatting with his family and looking over a slew of young and older dogs who were set to appear on the show, as well. His kids were notably tickled over some of the younger dogs, and after debating Schreiber returned to the backstage area with Kelly Ripa to pick out the two he was going to take home--one sibling puppy to stay at his place and one to stay with Naomi Watts. (He also noted the sibling dogs would get to see each other often.)

If you'd like to check out the lengthy but adorable video, you can watch it below.

We've talked a lot about the damage that Hurricane Harvey has wrought, both to peoples' lives and their property, but one post-Harvey aspect that hasn't been talked about as much have been the pets that need to be rescued. A lot of shelters across the United States have stepped up to take in animals that were displaced due to the weather event. Live! With Kelly And Ryan stepped up to highlight some of the animals that have had to be moved to help those dogs who were displaced by the storm.

Clearly, the event was a big success, with Liev Schreiber adopting two of the dogs during the episode. If you'd like to get involved in dog adoption, now is a good time to adopt, as various shelters have taken on some of the displaced dogs from Texas, including dogs in Connecticut, New Jersey and more.

At one point Liev Schreiber revealed that one of the show's producers was also interested in one of the dogs he was hoping to adopt, and Ryan Seacrest joked,

I think this is going to work out for you.

And it did, because Liev Schreiber later posted an image of him driving around New York with his new pets.

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Must be pretty nice to be a celebrity. Still, there were plenty of other adoptable dogs of different ages available, and hopefully all will find homes soon.

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