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People Are Obsessing Over Blue Ivy's Response To Her Parents Clapping At The Grammys

Last night, the Grammy's were filled with statement-making costumes and over-the-top performances, but there was one young lady in attendance who wasn't having it. Joining her parents at the 2018 Grammys was none other than Blue Ivy, who certainly seemed to be calling the shots when she asked her parents Jay-Z and Beyonce to stop clapping during the event. The moment went viral, and you can check out one variation of a person being amused about it on the Internet, below.

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During the event, former Fifth Harmony member and solo artist Camila Cabello was called onstage. She was tasked with introducing U2 so the band could perform during the event. However, she used the opportunity to talk about DREAMers and immigrants coming to the United States to make a new life. Jay-Z and Beyonce clapped at Camila Cabello's words, and the camera panned over to the famous celebrity couple, just in time to catch Blue Ivy shushing her famous parents. The clip seriously only lasts a few seconds, but it was a moment that a lot of people on the internet latched onto, and will likely be remembered for a while.

Blue Ivy hasn't been in the limelight much over the years, but she dressed to the nines for the 60th annual Grammy Awards, in a white frock and silver shoes to boot. The 6-year-old gained attention from her look alone, but the fact that she basically told her uber famous parents what to do is a pretty noticeable thing. I know my mother would have been displeased if I had shushed her in public, but it's hard to tell from the clip if Blue Ivy was just having trouble hearing Camila Cabello or was displeased about the clapping in general. The end result, however, added a little flair to an otherwise emotional Grammys.

Jay-Z has formerly spoken out about how he imagined his daughter would end up being a little bit spoiled. After all, her name is trademarked, and she's not exactly the average girl, or even the average celebrity's kid. Jay-Z and Beyonce have one of the most famous marriages in Hollywood, and the ups and downs in their relationship have been chronicled in their music and more. She's only six right now, but we'll have to wait and see where her fame -- and her famous parents -- take her in the future.

For now, stay tuned for more Grammys coverage, or check out the full list of Grammy winners. In addition, be sure to stay tuned as Jay-Z and Beyonce continue to dominate headlines, perhaps with Blue Ivy in tow more in the future. After all, shushing your parents at the age of six is not a bad way to start your society debut.

Jessica Rawden
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