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Kylie on keeping up

It's been an exciting few weeks for the Kardashian/Jenner family, and their millions of devoted fans. Since we're currently in the midst of the Kardashian baby boom, every week brings information about a new bundle of joy that will be no doubt be appearing in Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Fresh off of the excitement of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new baby Chicago, 20 year old Kylie Jenner broke the internet by revealing she gave birth to a baby girl on February 1st. Fans are clamoring for more information from the Life of Kylie star, and now we may have an idea about the name of the newest little Jenner.

There are currently two major theories revolving around the name of Kylie's new baby. One of them is that the girl's name starts with the letter C. This theory stems from Kylie Jenner's recent snapchat story. Since the cat (or baby girl) is out of the bag, Jenner has returned to regularly posting on social media. One post shows flowers from half sister Khloe Kardashian, and they're shaped into the letter. Check it out.

snapchat image

Much like her sisters Kim and Kourtney, early indications point to Kylie straying away from names starting with the letter K. This has allowed the Kardashian women to be a bit more creative with their baby names, especially for Kim and Kanye West. As such, fans are eager to see what Kylie Jenner names her little bundle of joy, and therefore have taken to theorizing and dissecting every social media post.

Another one of these theories is that Kylie will be naming her daughter Butterfly, or a variation on the word. Kylie has shown an infatuation with butterflies for years, with plenty of jewelry and her new nursery completely chock full of them. Additionally, she and her boyfriend Travis Scott have matching butterfly tattoos. The latest reports are that the baby could be named either Butterfly or Mariposa, which means butterfly in spanish. This theory has largely been given fuel through Kylie's cosmetic line, as t lip color called Posie K was recently released. Posie might be short for Mariposa, therefore putting the baby's name right under fans and customers' noses.

The Posie K theory has been given extra weight through posts like the one below from Kris Jenner from just four days ago. Could she have been teasing the arrival of Kylie's first baby?

The plot thickens.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see what brilliant marketing plan the Kardashian/Jenner family has for news about Kylie Jenner's baby. Kylie's announcement on Super Bowl Sunday was no coincidence, as information about all three Kardashian babies has been methodically released to the public. While Kylie went a different route by trying to stay out of the public eye during her pregnancy, the mysterious circumstances revolving around her baby have only made the news all the more exciting.

CinemaBlend will be sure to update you on all the Kardashian babies, and their TV personality mothers.