Tom Hanks Responded To A Fans' Wedding Invite In The Best Way

Tom Hanks in The Post

Everyone loves Tom Hanks. Show us someone who says otherwise and we'll show you a liar. The two-time Academy Award-winning actor is one of the most well-liked people on the planet for a reason, and here's yet another example of his amorous kindness, generosity, and good spirits. When asked to attend a stranger's wedding, Hanks took the time to whip out one of his signature typewriters and write the fan a polite decline. But he doesn't stop there. You can read the full good-hearted response below.

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The wedding was for Kristen Jerkins and her partner Joe Dubrin, who are getting married on May 5. Although Tom Hanks will unfortunately be unable to attend the nuptials of the happy couple, he didn't ignore their request entirely. Instead, he sent them the fun note, also inviting them to his play in May. While posting the letter and the picture on her Facebook page, Kristen Jerkins, the bride-to-be, explained exactly what the letter meant to her.

Soooo, those of you that know me really well, know that Tom Hanks is near the top of the list as my favorite human in the world. So I sent him a wedding invitation and a short note with it to see if there was some way to get him to our big day... AND THIS HAPPENED! Don't mind me, I'm currently over here LOSING IT!

It's a lovely, humorous gesture, and one that only Tom Hanks could deliver upon. Considering the huge amount of fan mail he probably receives on a daily basis, it's staggering (and even comforting) to know that he actually found the time to write such a gentle, funny and considerate response. You would think he'd be okay with jotting down a simple "Hanks, but No Hanks," if that. But Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks, after all. He is beloved for good reason. And while it would've been even more incredible if Hanks had somehow found a way to pull a Bill Murray and make it to the nuptials this May, his fine decline and warm invitation stand in a firm second place.

This, of course, is not the only recent example of Tom Hanks being an awesome guy. He also recently helped a couple get engaged only a couple months ago. It appears Hanks has a soft spot for the romantics, which makes sense. After all, the actor-writer-director has made more than a few.

Per usual, this is a busy time for Hanks. The actor recently appeared in Steven Spielberg's The Post. He also published his first book, the short story collection Uncommon Type, this past fall. He recently signed on to play Fred Rogers, another beloved man, in the upcoming biopic You Are My Friend, which should hopefully come out sooner than later, and he'll definitely return to the voice booth to play Woody in Toy Story 4, set to be released in June 2019. (By the way, should you be worried about Toy Story 4? You decide.) Meanwhile, he's signed onto the WWII drama Greyhound, as well as the sci-fi film BIOS and the upcoming remake of A Man Called Ove. There's never a dull moment for Tom Hanks. But even with his ever-busy schedule, Hanks finds the time to reach out to his fans. What a man.

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