Rachel McAdams Is Pregnant, So Start Your Mean Girls References

Rachel McAdams in Game Night

Rachel McAdams has some totally fetch news today. On the eve of her newest movie, Game Night, the actress has recently learned that she's pregnant with her first child. No, it's not October 3rd. But nevertheless, it's a great day for the Mean Girls highlight anyway.

E! reports on the newfound pregnancy. The announcement comes from a variety of different sources, according to the publication. However, Rachel McAdams has yet to publicly make a statement, so we'll have to wait for her response. The father's identity hasn't been revealed or confirmed either, although speculation points towards Jamie Linden, McAdams's screenwriter boyfriend. They were first spotted as a couple in 2016, although the actress shares a private life outside of her work.

The news comes at a convenient (and fitting) time for the 39-year-old star. A major plot point in Game Night centers around Rachel McAdams's character trying to get pregnant for the first time herself. The actress has retained more privacy than usual lately, as she didn't even attend the film's premiere. There's no confirmation that the pregnancy has anything to do with McAdams being unable to attend, but it certainly adds fuel to that fire.

Although Rachel McAdams is keeping mum about the pregnancy for now (get it?), The Notebook star has admitted in interviews over the years that she would like to have children someday, potentially more than one. Here's what she told People back in 2009 when she was asked that very question. At the time, she admitted to "looking forward to it someday." Well, thankfully, if these recent reports are true, that day has finally arrived for McAdams!

Having a few [children] would be great ... My mom is a great inspiration to me... She's a nurse and very nurturing and gentle. She lets me be who I am. Hopefully, I can take on those qualities and be as great as her.

In addition to starring in Game Night _(which is a good comedy worth your time, by the way), Rachel McAdams is also soon set to appear in the film _Disobedience, which is expected to come out in April. Before that, she was last seen in Doctor Strange back in 2016. The actress has kept a lower profile than normal, and with the new baby in tow, there's a pretty good chance that she might be seen even less on the big screen in the future. Nevertheless, we're more than happy for the expecting McAdams. Of course, it's much too early to know what the gender of the baby will be. But if it's a bouncing little girl, we're expecting a lot of pink in her closet. Either way, we know she'll be a cool mom.

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