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Jennifer Garner had a peculiar reaction during the Oscars broadcast on Sunday, and the Internet is having fun at the Alias star's expense. Shortly after Garner came to some kind of sudden-and-unknown internal realization in the middle of the ceremony, the reaction was caught online and the clip went viral. Thankfully, though, Garner wasn't above the noise. The actress quickly responded to the bizarre, distressed response in good-humored fashion.

Here's what happened. Jennifer Garner clapped dutifully along with the rest of the audience members during the Academy Awards, when the actress abruptly stops, with a shocked and/or horrified reaction (depending on how you read it, honestly) planted on her face. It appears she had an epiphany at the wrong time, as she happened to be on camera at that moment. Now, Jennifer Garner has responded to the Internet's favorite new meme. A mere day after the clip became a viral phenomenon, Garner hit up her Instagram account to offer her own humorous response to what was running through her distress mind during the awards ceremony.

Here's the original tweet for context.

What actually caused Jennifer Garner's concerned look is anyone's guess, but tons of people on Twitter sure had funny reasons for the stunned reaction.

Notably, a lot of Twitter users took the opportunity to make light of Jennifer Garner's recent separation with Ben Affleck, and his tortured Batman role.

Other Twitter users also took the moment to highlight Jennifer Garner's role as a supermom, and how those stresses never leave her mind. Ever.

While Jennifer Garner became a punching bag for her strange response during the awards, it's refreshing that Jennifer Garner appreciates the humor and pure silliness of the moment. It's nice when celebrities laugh along, and Garner definitely had some fun at her own expense. Celebs, they're just like us! It might kill the newfound meme, but at least Garner walks away with her head held high.

This wasn't the only recent occurrence of Jennifer Garner's shaking up the Internet. The actress also recently caused a commotion when she was seen selling Girl Scout cookies with her child in front of a grocery store a few weeks ago. And this is not the first time Garner has sold them. Garner is reportedly known as an aggressive cookie seller; she's a Troop leader, too.

This is certainly not going to be the last time we see Jennifer Garner. She's next set to appear in Love, Simon, which hits theaters on March 16th. (Read our review here.) She is also slated to star in Peppermint later this year. Garner also lends her voice to the animated action-comedy Amusement Park, which is expected to hit theaters next March. The actress is still the face of Capital One (something she references in the video above) and she also recently signed onto the lead role of Lena Dunham's newest HBO series Camping _(which she also references in the video above), which returns the _Alias star back to television. Needless to say, Jennifer Garner is keeping busy. But she doesn't mind taking the time to laugh at herself too.

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