Check Out Adam Rippon And Sally Field's Son Finally Meeting

It was bound to happen. During the PyeongChang Olympics, Sally Field made her son Sam Greisman's affections for U.S. Olympian figure skater Adam Rippon known to the world, much to his chagrin. But the effort finally paid off, as the director and Olympics athlete finally got acquainted. There's even a photo to prove it. Check it out, below.

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Is love in the air? It's too early to tell, but we're not rolling anything out. To back things up a bit, 30-year-old Sam Geisman admitted last month that he harbored a crush for a certain Olympian, though he played coy regarding who he might be alluding to. He posted a screenshot of a text exchange the filmmaker had with his famous mother, who said Adam Rippon was "insanely pretty" and that her youngest son should "find a way" to make it happen.

Shortly after Sam Geisman tweeted this screenshot, Sally Field went the extra mile. She went ahead and straight up tagged Adam Rippon into the conversation, much to Geisman's mortal embarrassment. He was so mortified by the whole exchange that he personally reached out to Rippon on social media in order to write a private apology on behalf of himself and his mother. But Rippon wasn't offended, it seems, and they found a way to meet.

Though a photo can tell a thousand words, it's unclear if Sam Geisman and Adam Rippon are going to spark a romance, or even a friendship, from this interaction, or if they're just going to remain good acquaintances -- if that. If they do foster a relationship together, they'll have a hell of a story to tell, at least. It should be noted that Adam Rippon has garnered no shortage of celebrity friends since the ceremony. He made some great commentary with Leslie Jones, for instance, and he is now friends with none other than Reese Witherspoon, as it was revealed on an episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last week. The 28-year-old figure skater won a bronze medal during the team event recent Olympics, becoming the first openly gay male skater to win a medal at the Winter Olympics. In addition to this, Rippon is quickly winning the hearts of many -- celebrities and otherwise -- in the process.

Meanwhile, Sam Geisman is an independent filmmaker, having written and directed a handful of short films. He wrote and directed After School in 2015, for instance, and Dinner with Jeffrey in 2016, respectively. He hasn't made the leap into feature filmmaking yet, but this might give the rising filmmaker the attention and exposure he needs to get into the director's chair for a bigger project. At the very least, it'll give him a good story to tell.

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