Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Reportedly Undergone Emergency Heart Surgery

Arnold Schwarzenegger Killing Gunther

As The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger is (nearly) impenetrable. He dodges trucks and bullets like they're nothing. But Schwarzenegger himself is a little more human. Case in point: it was announced today the bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-Govenator underwent emergency open-heart surgery. The 70-year-old developed complications from his experimental catheter valve replacement on Thursday. The surgery reportedly lasted several hours.

TMZ reported the distressing news, noting that the doctors at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles understood the risks found in Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent procedure and were prepared in case the catheter valve replacement failed. Thankfully, the actor's condition is considered stable at this time.

This week's medical scare is not the first time Arnold Schwarzenegger has undergone heart surgery, though it's the first time it was absolutely necessary for the entertainer. In 1997, the then 49 year old actor/politician had a procedure to have a congenitally defective aortic valve replaced. At the time, Schwarzenegger chose to undergo open heart surgery, believing it would be best for his health. It wasn't considered medically needed, but he decided to pursue it anyway. He also claimed it had nothing to do with steroids. The former bodybuilder considered it "the hardest decision" he ever made.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has kept himself exceptionally busy of late. He was last seen in the titular role in Taran Killam's dark mockumentary action-comedy Killing Gunther last year, in which he absolutely stole the show (and nearly saved the film). The action star also provided a rare dramatic turn in the lead role of Aftermath, which he also produced. Schwarzenegger was also the host of the rebooted New Celebrity Apprentice, which he quit shortly after. The renewed series didn't do so hot in the ratings. Arnold admits that President Donald Trump is the main reason why he decided to call it quits.

No matter. Arnold Schwarzenegger has more-than-a-few projects to keep him busy once he recovers. He'll next be seen in Journey to China, a.k.a. Viy 2, with Jackie Chan. The movie will debut overseas throughout the year, though it's unclear when it's expected to be released in the United States. He's also back for another Terminator film. He'll appear in the upcoming untitled Terminator reboot directed by Tim Miller (Deadpool), which is scheduled for release in July 2019. Production is expected to begin soon. Hopefully, Schwarzenegger's medical scare doesn't push them back too much. The new movie will also star Mackenzie Davis and Linda Hamilton, returning to her iconic role as Sarah Conner. James Cameron is a producer.

Additionally, Arnold Schwarzenegger recently signed on to appear in Kung Fury alongside Michael Fassbender. He'll play the President of the United States in that film. He is also attached to Triplets and The Legend of Conan, though it's unclear if those movies will ever happen. Of course, the main concern at the moment is Schwarzenegger's health, and we hope it's a quick recovery for the actor. We look forward to seeing him back again soon.

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