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Kim Kardashian West Ellen

Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to nudity. The reality TV star is known to take off her clothes at the drop of a hat (and other miscellaneous items of clothing). But when Kim K got nude earlier this week, it was for a specific cause: to raise social media awareness for her newest line of fragrance, KKW Body. When asked why she decided to ditch her clothes this time around, Kardashian revealed (in more ways than one...) that she felt the time was right and that it fit the product she was selling. Here's how the media personality explained her tactic to bring some attention for her highly sensual upcoming fragrance.

Overall, it's a really sexy fragrance. It reminds me of summer. It just evokes a sexiness to me. Yes, it is definitely revealing, but I've been revealing. I don't think that's anything new. I don't get why people are so shocked when I do a revealing shoot. I do so many of them.

Seriously. You would think people would be used to seeing Kim Kardashian West in various states of undress at this point, but evidently not. No matter. As she explained to E! News, Kim Kardashian West is still doing her thing, and she promises this latest NSFW photo shoot won't be the last time we see her without her clothes. As for this nude shoot, however, she felt it was right for what the product embodied.

I did do another shoot. It was in the same art gallery...I ended up liking the more nude images better. I thought, 'There's no better time. If there's ever a time to do this, this is the product. This is the fragrance.'

Of course, Kim Kardashian West knows she's not getting younger either. The 37-year-old is still looking great, and Kim K is not afraid to show off her body while it's still in good condition. The reality TV star admitted recently that when she does eventually get older, she has personal grooming standards written into her will so that she'll always be looking fresh, no matter what time or what occasion.

When you've got it, flaunt it.

KKW Body is a blend of "bergamot, peach and musky notes," according to Kim Kardashian West. It hit shelves on April 30th, and the perfume bottle is, appropriately enough, shaped after Kim Kardashian's own body. She got a mold made and everything for the upcoming fragrance release, which she teased on her Instagram account. You can take a look at the bottle-making process below, courtesy of Kim.

We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle. @kkwfragrance

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Away from her most recent business venture, Kim Kardashian West has kept herself in the news for a variety of different reasons lately. Those include shutting down her chain boutique Dash with her celebrity sisters, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, bringing in her third child, Chicago West, via surrogate, in January and, most recently, defending her husband Kanye West for his recent Twitter rants.