Check Out Chip Gaines Running A Marathon With His Fixer Upper Toolbelt

Fixer Upper might be finished, but Chip Gaines hasn't escaped the spotlight. While the HGTV personality called it quits on his home renovation reality TV series, he isn't hanging up the tool belt yet. In fact, he's still wearing it at a variety of different occasions -- including a marathon! Indeed, as recently seen on social media and by onlookers over the weekend, Chip Gaines was spotted wearing his signature tool belt while running in the blistering hot sun during a recent marathon. For a good cause too. You gotta appreciate the commitment! Check out the picture below.

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On Sunday, Chip Gaines competed in the Silo District Marathon. It was his first marathon, and the reality TV star has prepared for months in preparation and anticipation for the big day. Sure enough, he competed in the event -- in a toolbelt, no less -- and he finished it too. That would be a challenge for anyone, let alone someone running in the hot 87-degree sun. But sure enough Chip made it to the finish line, with Joanna documenting the whole thing on her Instagram.

Chip Gaines was one of around 6,000 people participating in the Waco, TX marathon. The high-profile TV personality was competing in the race to provide donations to the Brave Like Gabe Foundation, which is a charity that supports research for rare cancers, while also promoting physical activity in survivors. He was reportdly inspired by the story of Gabriele Grunewald, i.e. Gabe, to participate in the marathon this past weekend. While it was no secret that Chip Gaines was going to be involved in the marathon race, the toolbelt addition wasn't announced beforehand. Here's a look at Chip running in the marathon with the toolbelt surrounding his waist.

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Outside of Chip Gaines's recent marathon stint, the Gaines family will also soon welcome another member into their household. Joanna Gaines is currently pregnant with her fifth child. The reality TV superstar is also the mother of Drake (12), Ella (11), Duke (9) and Emmie (7). Although Chip Gaines wasn't sure if he wanted to have another child at first, Joanna Gaines won him over, and Chip Gaines appears to be very happy about the new arrival.

After five seasons, Fixer Upper came to an end earlier this year. It is not entirely clear why it wrapped up its successful run. There were rumors of the couple splitting up, which were obviously debunked. There were also claims of a dispute with the network over showcasing their Magnolia Market line of products on their show. In any case, the Gaines aren't staying away from the tube, as they have their spin-off series, Fixer Upper: Behind the Design.

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