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R. Kelly "Feelin' Single" Music Video

R. Kelly has received more allegations. In New York City, Faith Rodgers recently filed a lawsuit claiming the musician allegedly sexually assaulted her when they met in March 2017 after a performance in San Antonio. She was 19 at the time. Rodgers is currently suing R. Kelly for sexual battery, false imprisonment and failure to disclose an STD, as Faith claims she got herpes from the Trapped in the Closet artist. Here's what we know about the case.

In the suit, according to TMZ, Faith Rodgers not only claims she and R. Kelly met in San Antonio but that, months later, the musician reportedly flew Rodgers to New York City to see one of R. Kelly's concerts. Following this performance, R. Kelly allegedly became agressive her inside her hotel room, and he later initiated "unwanted sexual contact." That's when the alleged assault happened, with Kelly reportedly claiming Rodgers disappointed him in bed. They were reportedly dating for about a year, during which time R. Kelly allegedly abused Rodgers physically and verbally. Later in the suit, Rodgers claims Kelly would lock her into rooms, cars and other locations to punish her for not fulfilling his desires.

These disturbing allegations also include a segment where Faith Rodgers claims R. Kelly also had a female assistant who would "stand guard" to make sure Faith didn't escape. As mentioned earlier, these recent sexual allegations are not the first R. Kelly has received. Last year, for instance, the singer was accused of brainwashing women and other cult-like behavior. The story claimed R. Kelly had six women between the ages of 18 and 31 living in his Atlanta and Chicago homes. He reportedly controlled their daily lives and sexual activities, as it was reported in the initial story. R. Kelly has been accused of inappropriate behavior for awhile, but his actions have come under fire particularly throughout this past year. R. Kelly denies all allegations made against his character.

R. Kelly's history of bad behavior has resulted in the musician getting his music kicked off of Spotify, although Kelly claims that being removed from the popular music platform hasn't affected his streaming numbers, according to The Associated Press. He was removed from the site after their newest policy went into motion, which focused on hateful content or hateful conduct. Spotify made the notion on May 10th. It followed an online campaign entitled #MuteRKelly, which attempted to silence the musician's music after a stream of allegations have come out against him over the years. Apple and Pandora are also no longer promoting R. Kelly's music at this time, though they haven't officially released a statement at this time.