That Time Janet Jackson Gave Jenna Dewan A Box Of Vibrators

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Janet Jackson knows how to give -- shall we say -- stimulating gifts. The singer-songwriter once had Jenna Dewan performing in one of her tours, and as the actress revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, she received possibly the best Valentine's Day gift of her life thanks to well-known musician and performer. As Dewan revealed on the late night talk show, Janet Jackson once gave the young Step Up star a whole box of vibrators. That's right. A full box of vibrators for her... um.... pleasure. Here's how Jenna Dewan described getting such a generous gift from Janet Jackson.

On Valentine's Day -- and mind you, I'm 19, on tour with Janet, so I'm like, baby, baby, baby naive -- she gives you a box of, like, vibrators. Like, a pleasure chest. All the dancers [got a box]. But still, I was like, 'What is this??' I was, mind blown.

Well, that's certainly a thoughtful gift to give, one could say. As Jenna Dewan admits in the clip, she was still in college at the time and trying to navigate through life during this point in her life, so Janet Jackson certainly provided the actress-dancer with quite the education throughout their travels together on Janet's tour. They went around the world together, and they found themselves remaining close over time. As Dewan notes, she recently got reunited with Janet Jackson at the Billboard Music Awards, which was hosted on Sunday. At that awards ceremony, Janet received the Icon Award in an affirming moment of gratitude for the musician. As Jenna Dewan explained, she had the privilege of honoring Janet Jackson at the awards ceremony, and she and Janet have a very loving relationship, even to this day.

I just saw her, went into her trailer, we have a lovefest. Because Janet was my dream to work for, and she's momma. I was her kid. She called me her kid.

As Jimmy Kimmel was quick to point out, Janet Jackson will give her kid vibrators. Such is Janet Jackson's life. While it's, admittedly, a little bizarre, Jenna Dewan and Janet Jackson think little of it. They're still tight and loving, even years later.

You can watch the clip below. Sorry, no vibrators included inside.

Meanwhile, these days, Jenna Dewan is spending her time hosting World of Dance on NBC, which premiered around this time last year. The second season begins next week. On a more personal front, Jenna Dewan also recently ended her long-term relationship with Channing Tatum, her husband of nearly 10 years. They met while working on 2006's Step Up and they share a 4-year-old daughter named Everly together. In a statement, they claimed to have "lovingly chosen to separate" and they assured fans that there are no ill-feelings between them, despite their recent break-up. Soon after the statement was released online, Jenna Dewan also made a point tothank her fans for their well-wishes during this time.

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