Ariana Grande Potentially Reveals Fiancee Pete Davidson's Penis Size Via Twitter

Ariana Grande Saturday Night Live

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have shared a whirlwind relationship together, to put it quite mildly. Though they have only been dating for a little less than a month now, the singer/comedian couple are already engaged, and Davidson has inked two Grande-themed tattoos on his person. While the relationship is anything but a secret at this point, Grande might've gone one step further and revealed a piece of trivia that is, uh, probably a bit TMI. More specifically, Grande responded to a fan's question on social media regarding the size of Davidson's package, and, well, we'll let Grande take the reins:

Like 10 inches? ...oh fuck...i a lil over a minute

In a since-deleted tweet that was captured and recounted by People, Ariana Grande was asked how long the interlude dedicated to Pete Davidson in "Sweetener" is. The question was phrased in such a way, though, that it was seemingly related to the size of Pete Davidson's primary member. As a result, Ariana Grande had some fun and wrote the TMI response, which seemingly revealed the length of Davidson's Johnson.

Whoops. The cat's out of the bag now, apparently. Of course, knowing Ariana Grande's cheeky sense of humor, there's a good chance she's just messing with everyone while inflating the confidence of her fiancee. But if she's telling the truth, however, then she's... well, she's a lucky lady. We'll say that much.

Recently, Pete Davidson was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where the Saturday Night Live actor talked about his much-publicized relationship with the "Love Me Harder" singer and confirmed their engagement speculation once-and-for-all. Davidson was clearly buzzing from early love jitters, as anyone would be in his enviable position, but he considered himself a very lucky individual, and it seems as though Davidson's coupling with Ariana Grande is even inspiring hope in others. Here's what Pete Davidson said on the late night talk show program:

I feel I won a contest. So sick. It's fuckin' lit, Jimmy... It's so funny walking down the street, because dudes are walking by and they're like [tips hat]. Like, have you seen that Derek Jeter commerical where he is retiring, and everyone is just like [hat tip]. Everyone tips their hat. It's funny, yeah. Some dude came up to me and was like, 'Yo, man, you gave me hope!' I was like, 'I didn't know I was that ugly!' ... Yeah, no, I'm a lucky motherfucker.

So clearly, Pete Davidson is living out his best life right now. And if Ariana Grande's words hold some weight, he has nothing to be ashamed about either. It should be noted, though, that the comedian hasn't responded to the reported length of his Pete. In any case, whether we hear more TMI details about their relationship or not, we'll continue to keep you posted on all their lovey-dovey shenanigans here at CinemaBlend.

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