50 Cent Faces Backlash After Mocking Terry Crews' Sexual Assault

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On Tuesday, Terry Crews appeared on Capitol Hill to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding his experience with sexual assault. It was considered a powerful and monumental moment, as so few males come forward with such experiences. But it wasn't meet entirely with praise, as 50 Cent was recently seen making jokes at Terry Crews' expense. His response was met with a fair share of backlash, and it was also met with a polite, thoughtful response from Terry Crews himself as well.

During the Washington D.C. visit, Terry Crews got very emotional discussing an incident where Hollywood agent Adam Venit reportedly sexually assaulted him by grabbing his genitals. Crews has spoken out several times about the incident in relation to the #MeToo movement, providing his fans with a personal and heartbreaking example of how sexual assault can affect anyone. 50 Cent wasn't quite as moved by Terry Crews' words, however. On social media, as reported by TMZ, the rapper shared a vulgar meme and then he wrote the following message in response to his recent claims.

LOL, What the fuck is going on here man? Terry: I froze in fear, they would have had to take me to jail get the strap

The response was not met well on social media. Although when Terry Crews took the high rode when asked about 50 Cent's comments regarding his emotional speech, and the actor commented by noting that he was a fan of 50 Cent's music and that he listens to it while he's working out at the gym. For now, there doesn't seem to be a bonafide feud happening.

This is not the first time 50 Cent has gotten himself in trouble lately. The rapper/actor was accused of sharing revenge porn when he got involved in a dispute between Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari and her ex-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad. Abdul-Ahad posted sexually explicit footage of his former lover, and 50 Cent promptly shared it to all of his followers on Instagram. Mari threatened to sue both men for their actions with the video.

Additionally, it was reported yesterday that Terry Crews was not planning to return for Expendables 4 because he was reportedly threatened by a producer who told him to back out of his civil suit with Adam Venit. Here's what Terry Crews said about the situation when the news was announced.

No. Simply because this same producer is under his own ... investigation. Abusers protect abusers --- and this is one thing I had to decide, whether I was going to draw the line on. Am I going to be a part of this or am I gonna take a stand, and there are projects I had to turn down.

We'll keep you posted on the latest developments behind 50 Cent and Terry Crews.

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