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On June 30th, Kaley Cuoco married her husband, equestrian Karl Cook. The Big Bang Theory actress' second wedding was, by all accounts, a gorgeous, picturesque occasion, and every picture and video released from the day only continues to confirm that sentiment. That includes the most recent video released from the late June wedding, which is a snippet from the newlywed's glamorous wedding video. Yes, that does include a few of Kaley Cuoco's key wedding moments from that very special day. Take a look at -- and listen to -- the wedding video, as well as Kaley and Karl Cook's vows, below.

In addition to the professionally-made video above, there's also handheld camera footage available on social media that shows more footage of Karl Cook reading his vows. It also includes Kaley Cuoco's tearful reaction to her new husband's heartfelt words. You can also check out that video, below.

Karl Cook hasn't been shy about posting wedding updates on his Instagram feed. For instance, the engagement announcement -- which occurred back in November -- was made on his own page. That featured an emotional and very sweet look at Kaley Cuoco reacting earnestly to Cook's engagement.

Additionally, the newlywed couple has also shared a few of the professional photos they took during the big day. In fact, they had an unusual wedding destination: a highly-decorated horse stable located in the California area. Take a look at one of the professional wedding photos, as well.

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Meanwhile, while the wedding was a beautiful affair, the honeymoon was apparently a little bit of disaster. As it was reported earlier last week, Kaley Cuoco paid a visit to the hospital during her vacation and ended up having a shoulder surgery of some kind. Nobody wants to pay the hospital a visit during their honeymoon, but thankfully, the couple kept a pretty good sense of humor about the whole situation, and they've posted a few humorous photos. It's still unclear if the recent surgery will have any impact on Kaley Cuoco's shooting schedule for the forthcoming season of _The Big Bang Theory. _

Hopefully, while Kaley Cuoco recovers, she and her new husband can look back fondly at their wedding together. Kaley Cuoco was previously hitched to Ryan Sweeting, but that marriage only lasted a couple years. As seen in the video above, Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook -- known collectively as KC Squared -- are clearly very much in love with one another, and for better and for worse, they're planning to stick together and celebrate their marriage.

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