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Justin Bieber is engaged to his girlfriend, Hailey Baldwin. As it was speculated yesterday, the pop singer got down on one knee and popped the question during their trip to the Bahamas this past weekend, according to those close to the musician and eyewitnesses near the proposal. And she said yes! While the news was going to be kept a secret between the internationally known musician and his fashion model girlfriend, word travels fast -- especially on the world wide web -- and there was no way a bombshell this major was going to slip under the rug. Sure enough, Justin Bieber went online and confirmed the engagement news on his social media feeds, letting everyone and anyone know that the singer is officially a taken man. Take a look at Bieber's engagement confirmation address below. Also, we've got more details on the once-undisclosed engagement, including the moment Justin Bieber went up to Stephen Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin's father, to ask his permission to marry his daughter.

Justin Bieber's love life is a constant source of speculation, but with these engagement reports, it seems the famous young musician is looking to settle down and keep the romantic rumors at bay. Now that we have confirmation that he's engaged, we should expect more details to arrive, including more details on the engagement itself.

That includes the moment Justin Bieber went up to Stephen Baldwin. As it is reported by TMZ, Stephen Baldwin was among the very few people in the world who knew about the big engagement before it happened. Bieber reportedly paid the actor a visit several weeks ago to discuss the matter, even though Bieber and Baldwin have only been dating for roughly a month before they became engaged. Apparently, Justin Bieber is an old-fashioned guy when it comes to matters like this, and Bieber felt it was very important to get Daddy Baldwin's permission before he pulled out the ring. Apparently, Stephen Baldwin gave his blessing happily, and that's what leads us to his news.

The biggest takeaway from this meeting is that Justin Bieber's proposal wasn't completely spontaneous. It appears that the media-friendly musician was planning it in secret for weeks before it happened.

Justin Bieber's engagement came as a surprise to many people, including his security crew at the Bahamas. As it was reported earlier, Justin Bieber made a big gesture about the proposal. He told everyone in his company at the restaurant they were attending on the island to put away their phones because something special was about to happen right there. Sure enough, that's the very moment Justin Bieber got down on one knee and proposed to Hailey Baldwin. Now, they're officially engaged, and the next step would be getting ready for the upcoming wedding. There's no word yet on when that's expected to be. Everything is still very early in the planning process. But sure enough, when we know more details about the upcoming celebrity wedding, we'll be sure to fill you in at CinemaBlend.