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English soccer fans were not happy this week. Not happy in the slightest. And for one -- shall we say -- vocal fan. During a screening of the devastating World Cup game in Croydon, London, moments after England's defeat, one very drunken soccer enthusiast wasn't afraid to dish out his frustrations on New Zealand reporter Lloyd Burr. In the midst of reporting on the World Cup loss, the Newshub television personality found himself doused in beer and subject to irate screaming from the man who was not the least bit amused by Croatia late-minute win in the semi-final game. Sure enough, Burr kept his composure and stuck to the script, nobly, but that only seemed to make the soccer fan even more upset in the process. Watch the video of the bar incident below.

The London pub reporting was obviously happening live in the moment, so there was no room for second takes. You just gotta deal with it the best way you can, but it was clear that the heated situation was only getting worse before it got any better. Thankfully, Lloyd Burr and his team handled the difficult exchange with professional class, although that didn't seem to alleviate the problem at foot. Not much is known about the drunken soccer fan, although The Guardian claims that the beer-throwing individual was described as a "drunken Aussie."

Meanwhile, Lloyd Burr, as well as the cameramen and producers on the scene, earned the respect of his fellow Newshub reporters, who were thankful their fellow news correspondents weren't hurt. They also said it was "a tribute" to the professionalism of Burr and his crew that they continued with their broadcast, despite the obvious hostility brewing from this angered individual. Here's what Richard Sutherland, the head of broadcast news, said about Lloyd Burr and the other Newshub journalists who covered the World Cup in the pub during this moment of intense confrontation, via The Independent.

Everyone here is relieved that they are okay and it's a tribute to them that they carried on working as if nothing had happened. However it's unacceptable that reporting staff attempting to carry out their professional duties should be exposed to such thuggish behavior. Anyone who decides to engage in a criminal assault because they're upset about the result of a sporting fixture needs to take a long hard look at themselves and perhaps reconsider their life choices.

Meanwhile, speaking of English soccer fans and wasted beer, there's been reports of a great deal being left sprayed and not consumed in the midst of England's soccer success and failures, notably during this contentious game with Croatia. It seems that wasted and unconsumed beer, particularly in the midst of the World Cup cheers and jeers, is a wide-spread problem during these sporting events.

In any case, we're glad Lloyd Burr and the rest of the reporters covering the controversial game made it out of this situation okay. And we applaud them for keeping their professionalism in the midst of some unexpected turmoil. Hopefully, any additional coverage of the World Cup events will be more hassle-free.

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