Paris Jackson Opens Up About Her Sexuality

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Paris Jackson isn't keeping secrets when it comes to her sexuality, but she wants to make one thing clear: she doesn't want to be labeled. The 20-year-old model, actress, activist and daughter of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson has known her sexuality since she was 14, finding attraction in both men and women. But she doesn't want anyone, especially her fans, to claim she is one thing or another. During a recent post on her Instagram Story, she elaborated on her feelings and addressed them to anyone who might be curious about her sexuality. Here's what Paris Jackson had to say when she was asked if she is "bi," as in bisexual, on the social media platform.

That's what you guys call it so i guess but who needs labels

Once this news made its way online, there were still people jumping onto her social media account, asking the young actress and activist to elaborate more on her sexuality. In response to these claims, Paris Jackson went back to her Instagram Story (via People) to further address these questions, noting that the signs should've been there for years. Here's what Paris Jackson had to say on social media.

I came out when i was 14. i've referred to the community as 'my fellow LGBTQ+' on stage before. i've talked about having a crush on girls when i was 8 in my Rolling Stone article.There are pictures of me kissing girls online. why are people just now saying this is news?

Evidently, some people didn't the memo. Hopefully, now they did. But Paris Jackson had more to say. In another Instagram Story post, she once again stressed that she didn't want to be labeled anything. Instead, Paris Jackson wants her fans to know that she loves "people for people." While some people will claim that she is bisexual, she doesn't want to be put in any one box. Here's what Jackson wrote.

I just love people for people. i don't label myself so please don't label me. thank you!

Now that Paris Jackson has made herself clear, hopefully people -- particularly her fans -- will respect the matter and let her be when it comes to her sexuality. As it should be noted, Paris Jackson hasn't kept her past relationships a secret. She has been spotted dating (or, at least, interconnected with) both rocker Michael Snoddy and fellow model Cara Delevinge. The only mystery -- as far as Jackson is concerned -- is, why is this a mystery? Evidently, the signs should've been clear from the get-go. But they apparently weren't, based on the questions asked. Now, hopefully, the waves have been cleared.

Beyond fielding questions about her sexuality, Paris Jackson has also recently dealt with the passing of her famous grandfather, talent manager Joe Jackson, who passed away a few weeks earlier at the age of 89. He was battling terminal cancer, and he lost that battle this summer with family and friends reportedly by his side. Just days before his death, however, Paris Jackson claimed that her grandfather's last mournful tweet wasn't, in fact, written by her relative, and she also made a point to note that she didn't know who exactly wrote what is ultimately seen as Jackson's last public sentiment.

Furthermore, Paris Jackson also recently had a scary ordeal with an allegedly threatening stalker who was causing the model and her friends a great deal of distress. She has since filed a restraining order against the man-in-question, and we hope she has found peace since that difficult moment weeks earlier.

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